Alchemy - Never Too Late

Alchemy Never Too Late cover
Never Too Late
Street Symphonies Records
“Never Too Late”, is the debut album of Italian hard rock band Alchemy, which bizarrely sounds like an AOR/hard rock band doing prog in a dynamic mix that’s heavy on string arrangements and keys without guitars taking exactly a backseat, but rather switching on and off, depending what the part is. Marcello Spera, their singer, has a rather strong but a touch accented voice that is also mixed pretty upfront that at least doesn’t get “annoying” in that respect, as you can make out lyrics and such, but could get a little better and cleaner in terms of pronouncing stuff, which would also should aid in him sounding much better as it seems to hold him slightly back.
All in all, almost a decade in the making from conception to inception “Never Too Late” is a pretty alright album that shows the band’s passion in what they do and doesn’t sound rushed. I hope it will be the same passion that will help them to evolve and improve into what they could be, because there are a few more things they could still do to become better.
In the meantime, all people can do is give the album a chance and see if they like what these Italian chaps are doing… I found it on the charming side and quite likable but with a couple of things that kept me from completely appreciating it.