Afterglow Radio - Miles Away from Anywhere

Afterglow Radio
Miles Away from Anywhere
Independent Release
Afterglow Radio (Orlando-Florida) presented their debut album “Finding Yourself Again” in 2008 and 10 brand new songs constitute their next work, released in early 2012. No changes in the band; Jeremy Hagen is still on vocals and guitar, Tom O'Keef on guitar, Eric Palkovic on bass as well as background vocals and last, Jorge Alvarez on drums and background vocals.
Their music can be described as a combination of modern, alternative and classic rock… and their influences have been diverse; vary from the Beatles to Black Sabbath. To be frank, neither was I disappointed nor utterly thrilled while listening to the album. With regard to the songs, they sure are radio-friendly and there is a good production on the CD. Verity is my top priority, so “Don’t Forget to Breathe”, “Just Wait”, “Pieces” and “9th Ward” are the ones I enjoyed the most. As for the cover version… I shall have to express a preference in the original one by The Police.