20DarkSeven - Roar

20DarkSeven Roar cover
Metalapolis Records
20DarkSeven is a newcomer formed by the singer Marcus Jurgens (ex-Pump, ex- Brainstorm) and the guitarist Peter Wagner (ex-Wicked Temptation, Piledriver) in January 2013. After a while the bassist Alex Jansen (ex-Mennen, Fox) and the drummer Hans in’t Zandt (ex-Vengeance, Praying Mantis, ex-Mad Max, etc.) were added to the band’s line-up.
20DarkSeven are a hard & heavy band with lots 80s influences but with a temporary sound and attitude. They follow the path that bands like Dokken, Dio, Ozzy, Lynch Mob, XYZ, White Lion, Tesla and so on have paved efficaciously in the past. Certainly all the members are great musicians and they do know how to reach their goals. What this album lacks, mostly, is the memorable hooklines. This kind of music needs to have catchy sing-a-long refrains and even though every track here is decent and well-arranged, the vocal lines are somewhat flat. Marcus is a notable singer, no doubt about it, but that has nothing to do with the actual track hooks.
I do fancy the rockin’ & powerful production and the guitar-riff based tracks. None can say that 20DarkSeven are not doing their thing right. The guys are very experienced overall. With this debut album, they’ll make their presence known to the hard rock/metal world and the road is open for them afterwards. I’ll be looking out for their next steps…