Stalker to release self-titled debut album on February 11th 2022

Stalker ST cover
Swedish Heavy Metal veterans Stalker have signed with Wormholedeath Records a licensing deal for their self-titled debut album, “Stalker”, due for release on February 11th, 2022.

Band statement:
“We are so excited over this deal with WormholeDeath, and hope to get this machine going as soon as possible. we can’t wait! The album is about εverything. To describe the concept of it all would be very hard. Live your life to the fullest every day. To morrow it might be to late. The music is a blend of what we grew up with Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Van Halen, Kiss, Pantera just to name a couple of bands that made an impact on us. We just write and record what comes out with no other agenda but having fun”.

To celebrate the occasion Stalker have released a video for the new single “Black Room”. Stream the single here and watch the videο below.

1. Black Room
2. Dance
3. Alone
4. Shred
5. Liar
6. Lost not Found
7. My Mind
8. Pain
9. Missing the Point
10. Instrumental Jam

Formed in 2020 out of Covid-19 pandemic boredom these guys decided to record a diverse metal album. Stalker signed a 4 year recording deal worldwide with Wormholedeath records.

Michael Storck - Lead vocals (Rising Force, Critical Mass [US], Neon Rose, Paradise [Sweden], Creozoth [US], Masque of Art [Sweden])
Nalle Påhlsson - Bass & backing vocals (Easy Action, Therion, Treat, Zan Clan, Vindictive, Randy Piper, Brian Robertsson etc.)
Dragan Stankovic - Guitar
Björn Höglund - Drums (Easy Action, and drummer on several albums for Therion etc.)