Seventh Veil with Atomic Stuff

Hard rockers Seventh Veil have recently recorded an EP, titled "Nasty Skin", at the Atomic Stuff Studios in Isorella, Brescia, Italy. The release is scheduled for May!
Seventh Veil was born in the summer of 2011 from the ashes of LastRide, an hard rock band from Verona.
The monicker was suggested by none other than Nikki Sixx! After a Mötley Crüe concert held in California at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, Steven approached Nikki between the crowd while signing autographs and asked him to suggest a cool name for his band. He said to call it Seventh Veil , the name of a Hollywood Strip Club where Mötley Crüe shooted the videoclip of “Girls Girls Girls”.
Initially the components were three ex LastRide: Steven (vocals), Holly (guitar), Gabu (guitar) in addition to Jeff Lee Hammer (bass) and Joe Wax (drums). However, after just one month they couldn't create the right chemistry between them, so they decided to change the great friend and guitarist Gabu with Jack (ex Hellstone and Easy Trigger). 
So the final line up is:
Steven Brixx - vocals
Holly - guitar
Jack - guitar
Jeff Lee Hammer - bass 
Joe Wax - drums
The intent is now to create new songs (at the moment there are different ideas and 3 complete pieces), but also to add some hard rock-style covers (Guns N' Roses, Rev Theory, Backyard Babies, Slash). Recently the group has recorded its first EP titled “Nasty Skin”, that will be available in May 2012 from the label 'Atomic Stuff' set in Brescia. On April 21st they will start some live shows in northern Italy, then you will see! ROCK n F****n' ROLL Mother****ers!