Sabïre announces new studio album “Jätt” and reveal cover artwork

Sabïre Jätt cover
Australia’s Acid Metal merchant Sabïre have been hard at work finishing their next album entitled “Jätt” and the band frontman and main songwriter Scarlett Monastyrski has sent us an update:

“Dearest Wild Ones and Acid Fiends,
We are so proud to announce to you that our debut full-length album "Jätt" is finally going to be completed and released this year; 2021. It has been a long, hard two year journey. Nothing about this album has ended up being straight forward. It has been exactly as its title suggests: Hell. And that has not been a good thing.

Regardless of the tumultuous journey, the record is huge, both in sound and depth. "Jätt" is what we are calling a "half-concept album", which means there is a strong theme in the title, cover, colour, and overall vibe, but none of the songs, bar three, have been written to the concept; they just simply touch upon the theme in one way or another, to greater and lesser degrees.

"Jätt" is a "blue" sounding album; the colour. You may understand that more when listening to the album yourself. The cover of "Jätt", "Dante and Virgil in the Ninth Circle of Hell" - Gustav Doré, 1861, could be seen through a symbolic lense in which the listener is symbolised as Dante, the artist as Virgil, and the bodies locked within the ice of frozen lake as the music surrounding them; we as the artist are shepherding the listener through the mire. This could be perceived like this, or you may just see it as an attractive album cover.

Essentially, we cannot wait for you to enjoy this album. This is it. This IS the definition. This is the true unveiling. Share near and far, tell anyone who will listen. Play it loud with friends, or brood over it alone. Either way you are sure to be at the complete mercy of this beautiful display of A C I D M E T AL”.

Dante et Virgile painting was made by Gustave Doré. Painting Photo ©Hugo Maertens. The original painting is kept at Royal de Brou Monastery (Bourg en Bresse -  France).


1. The Doorway - (Entry)
2. P.F.H.
3. Ice Cold Lust
4. I'm a Rock
5. Just a Touch of Acid
6. Alone Again
7. Call Me Bastard
8. The River - (Centre)

9. The Last Day
10. Toxic Man
11. Your Rending Hands
12. Chained Down
13. Shadow in My Heart
14. Rip, Rip, KILL!!!
15. The Stairs - (Exit)
“Mistress Mistress” 7" EP last copies are available in Transparent vinyl with Red splatter and comes with free poster here.