Rïcïnn announces live stream show on August 30th 2020

Rïcïnn live show 2020 poster
Experimental French vocalist / composer Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec) has announced a live-streamed show on August 30th, 2020, hosted by Jonesy Agency production studio.

Commencing at 18:30 CET, Rïcïnn will be performing songs off her 2016 album “Lïan”, as well as teasing new material from her upcoming album titled “Nereïd”, which is expected this autumn.

The live band will be Laurent Lunoir (Öxxö Xööx) on guitar, Sylvain Bouvier (Trepalium, Igorrr) on drums, Raphaël Verguin (Psygnosis, Spectrale) on cello and Rïcïnn on vocals. 

This live-stream will be available here.

Famed for her stunning and unique vocals with Igorrr, Rïcïnn’s solo work is an experimental and fascinating listen which crosses genres, removes barriers and delves into deep concepts.

Check out the video to “Drima”, taken from “Lïan” album, below.

In a world of appearances, Rïcïnn was born from the desire to remain true to her instrument, the voice. Since childhood she has been cooking remedies, formulas and prayers to give to the world, as an expression of “The Now”. Fires & waters, whales & birds, sounds emanating from the mist blown by the windy shore spitting the scrambling wreckage of a damaged arch, vestige from an ancient and forgotten civilisation, flooded into the oversights of time, Rïcïnn appears as the lonely survivor of that pre-post apocalyptic universe; a new world in which she bereaves the loss of her unknown culture.
The story of Rïcïnn begins when she met Öxxö Xööx (Laurent Lunoir) and worked with her first choir on the “Rëvëürt” album (released in 2011, Blood Music). She discovered a new language, a new expression that fitted perfectly with her world. She then built her own laboratory and finally started her work.
Her first release “Lïan” is fully representative of a debut album; the essentials of her sound and all her essence are present with huge potential. Whilst working on her solo project, she had the chance to meet a wonderful team of the most creative people around Gautier Serre (Igorrr). From 2012 to now, they have never stopped being productive together.

This autumn Rïcïnn will release her new album “Nereïd”.