Jakub Zytecki releases soulful new single “Bonsai”

Jakub Zytecki Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost cover
Already known as one of the finest young guitar players today, Jakub Zytecki promises to establish himself as one of the most inventive composers of his generation, with new album “Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost”.

Streaming from today and physically released on December 6th, “Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost” is 11 wonderfully diverse tracks, including the beautiful new single “Bonsai”. Featuring the soulful voice of renowned Polish singer Paulina Przybysz, listen to “Bonsai” below.

An expansive collection of songs that explore everything from prog, rock, electronica, funk, jazz, R&B and more, Jakub’s boundaryless creation of sound is impressive on its own. However, what makes “Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost” truly special is how this eclecticism is entwined with huge hooks and engrossing melodies, and the level of detail that could only be created by someone with the level of talent he possesses.

The centre piece of “Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost” features two very special guest performances. Meshuggah guitar legend Frederik Thordendal contributes to the electronica driven track “Creature Comfort”, in which he performs a signature chromatically atonal tapping solo, which superbly juxtaposes with the clean sheen of the track’s soundscape. Then follows the beautiful “Bonsai”, which elevates a stunning high with the soulful voice of renown Polish singer Paulina Przybysz.

“Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost” is a journey of euphoria, intensity, relaxation, beauty and euryopia, largely inspired by Jakub’s self-reflection, and psychedelic experiences.

Jakub explains: “"Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost" doesn’t have one narrative going through all the songs, but I think all the themes come from the same place. On one hand it’s a love letter to solitude and finding oneself through the creative process, but on the other hand it’s about these long nights spent high with friends having great conversations, questioning the current cultural values, and realisations about temporariness of everything”.

In terms of guitar excellence Jakub can be compared to his peers Plini, Aaron Marshall (Intervals), Chon and Polyphia, but his sound is more aligned with his wide range of influences, including The 1975, Bon Iver and John Hopkins. The latter is very prevalent throughout in terms of his experimental production. His soft vocals, clever samples (including some classic Motown sound bites) and choral moments add even more exciting curveballs.

Jakub has toured the world far and wide as the guitarist in prog-metal band DispersE, but earlier this year he took his solo project live, touring as support to Plini throughout Europe. This autumn Jakub will hit the road again supporting Plini in Australia, perform his debut headline show in Tokyo Japan, and there are UK / Euro dates being planned for 2020.

Order & stream “Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost” here.

1: Somewhere Quiet
2: Sunflower
3: Spring
4: Good I Bad Me
5: Light a Fire (fight a liar)
6: Creature Comfort (with Fredrik Thordendal)
7: Bonsai (with Paulina Przybysz)
8: Tree Climbers
9: Caught in a Cloud
10: How To, Alice D
11. Grow Up

Live Dates 2019:
6th Oct - Tokyo, Japan (headline)
10th Oct - Brisbane, Australia (w/Plini)
11th Oct - Melbourne, Australia (w/Plini)
12th Oct - Sydney, Australia (w/Plini)
13th Oct - Sydney, Australia (w/Plini)