Flight Brigade to release new studio album “Chased by Wolves” on September 13th 2019

Flight Brigade Chased by Wolves cover
Indie rock band Flight Brigade will release their brand new studio album “Chased by Wolves” on Friday 13th September, 2019, on Rebel Cinema Records via Wixen Music Publishing. The new album follows their debut album “Our Friends Our Enemies” (2016) and a number of singles.

“Chased by Wolves” was recorded at Visconti Studios in Kingston by esteemed producer Chris Porter (George Michael, Elton John, Bowie).

What doesn’t crush you makes you stronger, so if “Chased by Wolves” has a theme, it’s one of coming together in the face of adversity and drawing strength, joy and resilience from one’s community. The album contains rich storytelling, akin to Flight Brigade’s debut album “Our Friends Our Enemies”, and uses it to weave a very personal thread, coming out of a tumultuous period for the band.

The title track “Chased by Wolves” tells of the fear and chaos experienced as they navigated legal threats. An initiation which gave them their first taste of the infamous “wolves” and “sharks” lurking beneath the waters of the music industry.

“Fury Road”, “Heartbreaker” and “Tinderbox” explore the beauty and fragility of relationships. “Brainwave” pays homage to Seth Baines, brother of lead singer Ollie, and his courageous battle with epilepsy. Since the song was written Seth was diagnosed with brain cancer and tragically passed away in November 2018. The album is dedicated to Seth, the band’s brother, video maker and greatest supporter.

The lyrics of penultimate track, “How Your River Runs Through Me”, encapsulates the themes of the album as a whole. Ollie puts himself in the world of Cormac McCarthy’s novel “The Road”, imagining journeying with his young son through an apocalyptic wasteland in search of hope and community. The power of community is something this seven-piece have experienced in spades and something they have the passion and desire to share.

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1. Heartbreaker
2. Chased by Wolves
3. Tinderbox
4. Fury Road
5. Sirens
6. Stranger Things
7. Where Eagles Dare
8. Brainwave
9. Alligators
10. How Your River Runs Through Me
11. Creature

Track by track:

This song is about a marriage surviving an affair. I’m very close to the two people concerned, so seeing how my friend was able to forgive the ultimate betrayal inspired me. He was not weak or a walkover, he just navigated it with incredible grit and dignity. Watching him do this made me realise that this level of forgiveness is a rare and beautiful thing. I’m not sure I see this in myself.

Chased by Wolves:
This song’s about being shit scared. The music business is known to be a bit like swimming in shark infested waters. It’s a dangerous place to navigate and, as a band, we’ve had our initiation. This song is about surviving unlawful advice, not knowing who to trust, stressful emails from lawyers and feeling utterly powerless. As a band, we were close to being torn apart but we somehow held it together despite the anxiety and sleepless nights. It did however give an emotional charge to the album.

This song is about having a full on argument with the person you love most in the world. It’s about those times when you feel like the victim and inflammatory words are said that quickly spin things out of control. Neither person can bring themselves to be the first to say sorry but something has to be done to end the mayhem. It’s about the relief of reconciliation.

Fury Road:
I wrote this after getting home from a funeral where I heard my friend’s eulogy for his dad. His dad ‘Pete’ was a huge hearted, charismatic and generous man, who loved fast cars, whisky  and staying up talking late into the night. Pete fell in love with his wife at first sight, proposed after three days and they went on to have two kids and adopt two more. The warmth and vitality of Pete was felt by everyone gathered there at his funeral and I was struck by the beauty and fragility of relationships and the brevity of life.

Whilst in Flight Brigade I’ve also worked alongside addicts who are in and out of rehab. Sirens is about Sarah. I’d seen her at a support group I helped run a few times but she seemed very timid and didn’t say a word to anyone but the friend she came with. After quite a long period of time, one week Sarah stood up to speak to everyone. I remember the room went hushed, I think we were all amazed to see her stand up. It was incredibly brave and honest. Sarah said she’d always, ever since she could remember, had depression and been self-harming heavily since her teens. She said, “I’m used to hiding, I’ve always hidden the marks on my body, I’ve hidden my thoughts, I hide everything - but I was invited to come along to this group and I want you to know it’s changed my life, it’s given me a new light. I still feel like I want to hide but I know I don’t need to. I’m accepted”. The lines on her arms from the self-harming reminded me of train tracks so the song is about someone stuck inside a mountain on a train going round in circles in need of rescue.

Stranger Things:
“Stranger Things” originated in the bleary half-light of a 5am start. I was woken by my one year old, turned on the radio and heard a sequence of morning news reports; ‘Trump’s latest tweet, more fake news and an update on the Brexit saga’. All that just made me think, “Is this sleep deprivation or have pirates taken over this ship”? We surely will see stranger things to come.

Where Eagles Dare:
This song is about Flight Brigade’s own journey. It’s about the tight bond and enduring friendships that develop when people come together - about digging deep in the face of adversity, persevering and never giving up. As a band we've navigated all kinds of obstacles to continue making music and this song is about defying those struggles and having the nerve to keep going.

“Brainwave” was written about Ollie’s brother Seth and his experience living with epilepsy. The lyrics include Seth’s description of seizures, “it’s like a party in my head, but not a good one”. It’s also about the unwavering support of his wife, Sara and the strength their relationship gave them to face trials together. Since this song was written, Seth was diagnosed with brain cancer and after a courageous fight, tragically passed away in November 2018. His loss is felt every day and the album is dedicated to his memory.

“Alligators” is a  grandson’s tribute to his veteran grandfather. The song follows the story of Leslie James Pink, our guitarist's grandfather, who at 17, disguised his age so he could join the Royal Air Force during World War II. Leslie, or ‘Jim’ as he was affectionately known took part in the D-Day landings of 1944 and served in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Some of the things he witnessed were horrific, including the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. At such a young age he was irrevocably changed, so the song is dedicated to servicemen and women like him, and their families, who continue to live with the consequences of war long after the guns are silent.

How Your River Runs Through Me:
This song is based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel “The Road”, which particularly resonated with Ollie after the birth of his and Miriam’s first son, Coen. He places himself and Coen in the post-apocalyptic world which he so masterfully creates and they are journeying to the coast in search of a community that could be their last and only hope of survival.

“Creature” is steeped in the band’s shared love of Tolkien. The song pays homage to the mystical world of Middle Earth and describes a scene where someone is running through a wood and encounters a mythical creature that offers passage to an eternal, alternative world, much like the Elven Blessed Realm in “Lord of the Rings”. The only thing holding that person back from accepting the offer is their love of someone mortal, even though that love has always been unrequited.

Flight Brigade will embark on a UK tour in October 2019 to promote the album. Tickets for all concerts can be booked here.

UK Tour Dates 2019:
Thursday 3 October - Manchester, Retro
Friday 4 October - Chester, Telford’s Warehouse
Saturday 5 October - Newcastle, Head Of Steam
Thursday 10 October - Milton Keynes, The Craufurd Arms
Saturday 12 October - Reading, Readipop
Sunday 13 October - Southampton, Joiners
Wednesday 16 October - Bath, The Bell
Thursday 17 October - Bristol, Mr Wolfs
Friday 18 October - Isle of Wight, Strings
Saturday 19 October - Exeter, Cavern
Wednesday 23 October - Brighton, Latest Music Bar
Thursday 24 October - London, O2 Academy 2 Islington
Friday 25 October - Birmingham, Centrala
Saturday 26 October - Guildford, The Star Inn

Oliver Baines - Vocals, rhythm guitar
Miriam Baines - Vocals, synth
Dorry Macaulay - Vocals, violin
Thomas Pink - Lead guitar
Neil Blandford - Drums
Tom Clay - Bass
Jonny Barker - Keyboards