Diarchy to release new studio album “Splitfire” on March 27th 2020

Diarchy Splitfire cover
Formed in 2015, Diarchy is a two-piece band from Bangalore, India who in recent years have been celebrated across the stoner rock community for their explosive live performances and spirited approach to the creation of heavy music.
Inspired by the likes of Clutch, Karma to Burn and Kyuss, the duo draws heavily on many styles to shape a sound that’s uniquely theirs; a sound that incorporates subtle shades of Eastern psychedelia with the cast-iron hammer blows of classic rock.
Upon the release of their 2017 debut album, “Here Lost We Lie”, the pair quickly became fan-favourites amongst followers of multifaceted, underground rock. Exactly three years on and this March will see the official release of their brand-new album, “Splitfire”, recorded and mixed by Sridhar Varadarajan at Studio 304 in Bangalore and mastered by James Plotkin (Sunn O))), Pelican, Earth).

“"Splitfire" is more melodic”, explains guitarist/vocalist, Prakash Rawat. “I feel our first album was a lot rawer, closer to Stoner Rock than this one. We had the songs ready and it was just a matter of getting into a studio and recording them, whereas with this album we put a lot more time into the writing process, especially with us having to split our time between different cities”.
At times, a swirling and heady call-to-arms (“Tirunelveli”, “Kraanti”), on other occasions, an out-and-out festival of unabashed riffs (“Kamal Hossen”, “Gone Too Late”) “Splitfire” is a huge record in every sense of the word. In a little over four years Prakash, along with close confidant and drummer/lyricist, Gaurav Tiwari, have grown in confidence.
“I am fortunate to have a bandmate who holds dear the same ideologies, sensibilities and sensitivities”, says Gaurav. “I believe he can feel what I am trying to emote and express. For what Diarchy's songs are trying to say, we both stand for the same reasons and causes”.
Having played around the country and performed at festivals such as NH7 Weekender, Indie March and New Wave Asia, Diarchy will perform this weekend (1st February 2020) at the crowdfunded, Control Alt Delete Festival in Mumbai.
Diarchy’s new album “Splitfire” is released worldwide on March 27th, 2020, and is the first album to be officially released on Unherd Music; a brand-new, world-beating record label from Bengaluru that will seek to bring out the best in underground rock and experimental music from India.

Listen to the new track “Badger” below. 

Pre-order “Splitfire” here.

1. Kamal Hossen
2. Tirunelveli
3. Gone Too Late
4. Splitfire
5. Home
6. Badger
7. Sunny Side Up
8. Kraanti
9. Best Way Out is Always Through

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