Arielle announces February & March 2022 US Headlining Tour

Arielle US Tour 2022 poster
This past year, Arielle staged four livestream events to continue connecting with fans while navigating the global pandemic. She has now returned to the road, currently performing in support of Beth Hart across The United Kingdom. The complete itinerary of U.S. headline appearances planned for February and March follows below. On this run, she’ll be joined by Joe Listrom (keyboards), Natalie DePergola (drums) and Devin North (bass). Alongside the public concerts, she’ll also stage several clinics and master classes. 

In all markets, Arielle will introduce an innovative approach to the VIP experience. As opposed to simply staging a meet & greet or enabling fans to attend soundcheck, this tour will present the inaugural “guitar petting zoo”. All present will be welcome to play her signature Two-Tone guitar alongside other instruments and the rig she travels with. Photography welcomed, alongside the ability to be present at soundcheck. Additional items will be provided to all purchasers. For more information click here. Tickets for all appearances will be on-sale Friday, November 5th here.

Arielle shares: “Having a two-year hiatus from playing music live was quite actually losing my voice. I never used to think my identity was what I do, but what I’ve come to realize is that it truly is my greatest expression of what I actually am. It’s how I connect with others to their soul. Our soul. These shows will be massively different from anything I’ve ever done thus far. More than anything, I’m just so excited to turn up some old guitar amps, and freaking GO”.

This past May, Arielle released her most recent studio album titled “Analog Girl in a Digital World”. Music videos released include “Inside & Outside” and “Peace of Mind”. The collection of songs exhibited her true love of the 60’s and 70’s, and the inspiration that lives in her art from a connection to this wondrous time. An environment where things were done by hand, with a level of craft that couldn’t be hidden behind technology. She offers: “I take and protect those principles inside my music”. The approach for this upcoming tour of the U.S., and activities planned in the U.K. and Europe, is to capture the vibe of this period that resonates so deeply with the artist. Perhaps retro, but unequivocally current at the same time.

This past year she also introduced the guitar she’s been creating in partnership with Brian May for many years. The instrument is a hybrid of Arielle’s guitar and Brian’s core design that the duo collaborated on with one another. For more detail on that endeavor click here.

She has also committed hundreds of hours over the last two years towards bringing her vision for the Tonewood Forest to live. She’s committed to planting trees that will live on for generations. Arielle shares: “My focus is the very trees we musicians cut down for our guitars that sometimes take 60 100 years to reach maturity. I have been purchasing land, and entering joint initiatives with third parties, to plant these trees in the U.S. and in the U.K. They will be protected, seen & admired. With every performance staged, twenty additional trees are planted. Once you break something down to its essence, it’s a lot easier to respect. Perhaps it’s the only way to truly understand something. After seeing how hard it is to even grow a tree seedling... I respect guitars a lot more now. How much time went into that life before it was cut down. Pretty amazing. I want that essence in the music. Nature, Heart, Analog. Soul. Care. Love. Honesty. Flaws. Yet, still magic (which I spell with a K). A portion of the proceeds of everything I do is earmarked to support this endeavor”.

US Tour Dates 2022:
2/16  Key West, FL
2/17  Keywest FL (clinic)
2/18  Ft. Lauderale, FL
2/19  Clearwater, FL
2/24  The Woodlands, TX
2/25  Mckinney, TX
2/26  Austin, TX
3/02  Chicago, IL
3/05  Ft. Waybe, IN
3/06  Cleveland, OH
3/09  Augusta, ME
3/12  Boston, MA
3/13  NY, NY
3/16  Philadelphia, PA
3/18  Washington DC
3/19  Annapolis, MD