TesseracT - Altered State

TesseracT Altered State cover
Altered State
Century Media
Being part of a contemporary music groovy prog metal path and having offered the fundamentals on its origin, TesseracT didn’t back out for a sec even if they had to change the voice of the group. Introducing us to their new vocalist Ashe O’Hara, the band avoided making a very common mistake that most of the bands do when they lose a member and especially the singer. They try to fill the gap with a similar singer, thing that isn’t wise. Alternatively, TesseracT decided to move on and they chose to do it their way with their own terms… and they’ve done right.
Making their music even groovier, a tad more atmospheric and more melodic than before, they didn’t stay still on the progressive part, as the rhythm changes are evident here more than ever. Ashe’s more expressive & melodious voice along with the band’s will to experiment & groove a bit more gives to “Altered State” a “multidimensional music oddity” which becomes even more interesting when they also embellish it with sax. The amazing thing here is how harmonically they have blended all these diverse elements together. I do not fancy the term “djent” for, as I have written in the past, it is too limited & unsuccessful at long last. It’s not a music term & never will it be one!
“Altered State” also has a full, modern, clear and dynamic sound. The CD was engineered, mixed, produced & mastered by the guitarist, Acle Kahney & the bassist Amos Williams. I was surprised to see that no “big producer” is behind it, so we shall give space to the young guys too, for they have proved they can make it. Some may find this CD too progressive, others too groovy and a few rather “modern”… however you call it, it still has an “advanced music background” which can either be loved or hated. Awkwardly, there’s no middle road in that. By and large, “Altered State” showcases TesseracT’s evolution and determination to push their musical boundaries even further! I’m very eager to see what direction they’ll take in the years to come…