Tempt - Runaway

Tempt Runaway cover
Rock Candy Records/Cargo Records
Tempt is a new rock band from New York which consists of some fairly young & talented musicians. In 2014 they self-released their debut EP “Under My Skin”. Two years later they return with their debut full-length album, “Runaway”, under Rock Candy Records. The album was mixed by multi-platinum producer Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Motley Crue, Dokken, Alice Cooper) and all I can say is that they guys really hit the spot with Michael cuz the overall sound/production is superb on every part.
Musically, the guys are influenced by the big rock & hard rock acts of the 80s… plus there are a few more modern elements here & there that can hardly be spotted. Their forte is the big choruses with memorable hooks and the rockin’ guitar riffs. Truly, the singer, Zach, has a wonderful raspy voice which fits this kind of music perfectly. As for the guitarist, Harrison, I must say that he’s truly skillful, he reminded me of the great guitarists of the 80s at times. The rhythm section, Max on bass and Nicholas on drums, are great as well.
“Runaway” features 14 tracks, 10 new ones and the 4 ones (“Under My Skin”, “Use It or Lose It”, “The Fight”, “Time Won’t Heal”) from the EP. Even though the guys are so young, they do know how to write a damn catchy hookline and a great riff. Their songwriting is very mature and focused. That’s the reason why “Runaway” is so well-written with so many sing-along tracks. Surely, this is just the beginning for this gifted band from NY and if they play their cards right they can be among the top new hot names of hard rock music of our time. Bottom line, if you’re into melodic hard rock music do not miss this fantastic debut by this brilliant young band…