Soul of Steel - Journey to Infinity

Soul of Steel Journey to Infinity cover
Soul of Steel
Journey to Infinity
Bakerteam Records
My never-ending nightmare with (Italian) power metal bands never seems to calm down, not for a sec. What have I done to deserve such a thing?! One reader once asked why I reviewed a certain album if I’m not so much into this kind of music. Well dude, somebody gotta do the nasty job and it’s usually me. Do you think that I want to? Feel free to change places with me anytime!
Anyhow, Soul of Steel are presenting their second release and even though nothing, really, has changed since their debut… their power metal with symphonic features this time has also bits of progressive metal... they unluckily made the same fatal mistake once again. They didn’t change their singer. Apart from having limited vocal abilities he also sings out of tune every so often! That’s when the headache takes over! Sorry, but it’s impossible to go all the way when someone sings like the glorious Tampakis. How did the label allow such a thing? The other members? The producer Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine)? Simone Mularoni (DGM) who mixed & mastered the album? None of them heard anything? Com’ on guys spare me!
The band is playing well, the production is fine but they must immediately find a new singer, who can actually sing, if they wanna do something other than just playing in front of their friends & girlfriends all the time. The press release says that the album evolves around a dreamlike journey of a man trying to escape his demons. I just hope he made it… cuz’ I can’t fight this horrible “out of tune” demon anymore…