Ronny Lee - Original Retro

Ronny Lee Original Retro cover
Ronny Lee
Original Retro
Rlf Records
It’s been quite some time since I happened upon an original 80s AOR album, which also has that 80s sweet sound all over it. My amazement was even bigger when I realized that this album, literally, came out of nowhere! So questions like “who is this Ronny and where has he been all this time? Why now etc.?”… started entering my head until I decided to track him down and learn all about him and the album. The “weird thing” is that it was easier to find a place to download the album illegally, but so hard to find any detail about Ronny and the album! I guess that’s another “beneficial side” of the internet. After a few attempts I talked to Ronny (more here) and also listened to the actual CD which has a much better & tighter sound than the lame MP3s you can find in various blogs for free. There’s a small sound variance among the tracks cuz’ they were recorded and produced in different studios and times. Nothing to worry about though.
Having around a bunch of very good musicians and a strong songwriting team (Bill Rotella, Stewart Marsh & Clete Keith) on “Original Retro” Ronny Lee presents the music we once loved back in the 80s. An inspired AOR release with superb vocals, catchy melodies, harmonic arrangements & radio-friendly tracks. All of you who are fond of Journey, Survivor, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Boston and so forth, will totally revel in “Original Retro”.
As the album title suggests, it is “retro” - not in the negative sense of the word - but in the way AOR music used to be made in the late 70s and early 80s; with the exact same soul, passion, artistry & good mood. That was the success formula back then and Ronny hasn’t changed a thing out of it. He follows the steps of the big ones and he has delivered a magnificent yet nostalgic & melodic AOR album which has been crafted deep in the vein of the 80s! “Original Retro” is a pure 80s AOR gem… that patiently waits to be dug out by the AOR music lovers worldwide…