Pride Of Lions - Fearless

Pride Of Lions Fearless cover
Pride Of Lions
Frontiers Music Srl
It was like yesterday when the “classic” homonymous debut by Pride Of Lions was released. It was in 2003 that Pride Of Lions took every melodic rock/AOR lover by surprise. Apart from the amazing tracks, the specific album introduced the amazing singer Toby Hitchcock to the masses. 13 years later Toby is one of the top singers of our time and we are all thankful to Peterik for having discovered such a “golden voice”.
“Fearless” is the fifth studio album by Pride Of Lions and musically it kinda comprises all the best music elements that POL have presented in their previous 4 albums. As Jim said, he listened to the previous albums in order to hear the strongest assets of each record. He was trying to find out “what was working and what could be improved”… so having that in mind he started working on “Fearless”. It’s to wonder how such a great songwriter never ceases to find ways of becoming better! That is what separates the good from the great, I guess!
The track that introduced us to the new album was “The Tell”… an amazing melodic rock/AOR tune with a catchy refrain and a fantastic performance by Toby. The melodious mid-tempo gem “Silent Music” (where Jim sings as well), followed right after and honestly we couldn’t ask for anything more. After having heard those two tracks I was pretty sure that “Fearless” was going to be one hell of an album but I couldn’t image that it could be my favorite one right after the classic debut. And that is the truth… the more I listen to “Fearless”, the more I’m hooked. Jim has delivered some amazing tracks and Toby sings like there’s no tomorrow. Surely, one of the top performances for Toby and some of the finest tracks that Jim has come up with in the last few years. The production is top-notch in every part as well.
I’ve decided not to make a track by track analysis so as to let everyone pick their beloved moments out of this album. Then again, it’s hard for anyone to resist to track such as: “All I See is You”, “Everlasting Love”, “Freedom of the Night”, “The Light in Your Eyes”, “The Silence Says It All”, “Faster Than a Prayer” and “Unmasking the Mystery”. What else can a fan ask for?! Despite everything, “Fearless” is an impressive album… one the finest AOR/melodic rock albums of 2017!