Perfect Plan - Time for a Miracle

Perfect Plan Time for a Miracle cover
Perfect Plan
Time for a Miracle
Frontiers Music srl
Perfect Plan made a big fuzz with their debut release “All Rise” and certainly spread a wide smile on the faces of the AOR & melodic rock fans worldwide. Their sophomore release wasn’t an easy task, since they had to present something at least equal to their debut, but Perfect Plan did it all perfectly and managed to release an even better album in every part! How’s that possible? one may ask… well, when there’s talent and inspiration, then miracles do happen, as their album title declares!
Perfect Plan have added music various hard rock and classic rock elements along with some modern touches to their AOR / Melodic Rock. They also blend both the US and the European (especially the Scandi one) melodic rock recipes… and that’s one of their biggest advantages as it separates them from your average AOR / Melodic Rock band. Moreover the musicianship is superb and the vocalist astounding, to put it simply… one of the best on the genre as we speak. There are times that he reminds me of the legendary Steve Perry and others the late (and one of a kind) Jimi Jamison… then again Kent Hilli has his own music character and I’ve just wanted to give you a hint about his vocal virtues. Moreover the production is top notch.
“Time for a Miracle” features two astonishing ballads, “Fighting to Win” & “Don’t Leaven Me Here Alone”, along with some amazing rockers like “Time for a Miracle”, “Better Walk Alone”, “Heart to Stone”, “Every Time We Cry”, “What About Love”, “Nobody’s Fool” (with the bluesy intro), “Living on the Run”, “Just One Wish”, “Don’t Blame It on Love Again” and “Give A Little Lovin’”. I think I made a reference to every track on the album. Anyhow, this is one of the few albums that’s all killers – no fillers! Try to listen to the acoustic version of “Fighting to Win” (Japan bonus) as well, cuz it’s wonderful. “Time for a Miracle” is certainly one of the best AOR / Melodic Rock albums of 2020… if not the best! There are many expectations from these guys, as they have raised the music bar really high with this release. If you fancy big hooks and great melodies then “Time for a Miracle” is an album that you shouldn’t miss for any reason.