One Star Closer - Another Shape of Purity

One Star Closer Another Shape of Purity cover
One Star Closer
Another Shape of Purity
Independent Release
One Star Closer is a “one man project” which was created by Vladislav Petkevich in 2009. The debut album, “The Oceans We are Drowned In”, was released in 2011 and now, after a 2-year period, Vladislav is back with his sophomore release.
One Star Closer is into post-rock but its music is also embellished with various atmospheric, ambient, pop-rock & rock elements. “Another Shape of Purity” is a fully instrumental album. Most of the times, post-rock music doesn’t feature any vocals and that’s not a secret. Post rock music also has an explicit music formula which tends to make this kind of music, “which dared to take a step further” too predictable and not much varied at all. I do like this kind of music but I think it needs something more to move on or else it will stay still and won’t ever progress… thing which will eventually lead to its fall after sometime.
Anyhow, “Another Shape of Purity”, as almost any post rock album, is a mood-like album. It depends very much on one’s mood on a specific moment, in order to like it more or less. Exactly this is what happened to me. Some days in the week I was more into it, especially when I was feeling a bit moody and others not so much when I had a brighter disposition. The album is not that gloomy or dark though. It is very well-produced & arranged by Vladislav and that’s another plus for this musician since he has done it all by himself. If you actually fancy post-rock albums then you should check “Another Shape of Purity”…