Manowar - Warriors of the World

Warriors of the World
Magic Circle Entertainment
The Kings are back!!! Manowar finally released their brand new album after almost 6 years, which is very fittingly titled “Warriors of the World”. The song that opens the album “Call to Arms” is a very powerful heavy song and the fans of the band are going to love it! The song “Warriors of the World United”, which is going to be released as a single too, will surely become a live classic hymn! The album is full of highlights such as: “Swords in the Wind" (an epic mid-ballad), the operatically “Nessun Dorma”, (where Eric Adams sings in Italian - a fragment from Verdi’s opera with a classic Manowar orchestration – simply majestic!), the sentimental – instrumental epic song “The March” and the mid-tempo metal hymn, with the very melodic chorus, “The Fight for Freedom”.
Well now, after several times that I have listened to the album, I’m convinced that it is much better compared to the previous release, “Louder than Hell” in 1996, and it has a slight “Kings of Metal” atmosphere. Surely it has reached the classic Manowar standards! To tell the truth, this album way better than I expected! What are you still waiting for? Go and buy this album now and be prepared to listen to real – straight from the heart metal music!
The Metal Kings have finally returned and are here to stay! Long live the Kings!!!