Lacrimosa - Revolution

Lacrimosa Revolution cover
Hall of Sermon
We all have some preferences to certain music styles & to a few bands that represent them. I can say that Lacrimosa is one of those bands that I revel in throughout the years. Their wonderful blending of dark, gothic, rock, metal, symphonic, neoclassical, dark wave, atmospheric music is something that does not leave you with any other alternative but to adore it.
I was looking forward to their new work and when I read that the guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza (Kreator), the drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (Accept) and the guitarist Henrik Flyman (Evil Masquerade) would participate in the album… my anticipation grew even more. I know that many metalheads (like myself) who fancy this kind of music generally… would have appreciated it more if it was a little bit heavier and powerful than the usual. Well, every genre has it ups and downs but then again there are bands that dare to experiment and break the barriers. Probably, evolution would have been a more suitable title for this album… although it’s hard to have a revolution without trying to progress.
“Revolution” did present a darker, heavier, metallic and more experimental side of Lacrimosa… which needs several spins and time so as to be entirely appreciated. Certainly, the dark, sorrowful, dark wave, symphonic & atmospheric elements are all here but they are embellished with a more metal background, with more intense guitars and drumming. I like this music direction the band has taken, even though some more traditional, old-time fans might not be quite happy with it. Hence, let’s face the fact that every musician must evolve and go forth… no one can really play the same things he used to a decade or two ago. Likewise, I would have liked them to have more tunes with female vocals as, I think that, “If the World Stood Still a Day” is the “hit” of the album.
Overall, this is a marvelous esoteric, gloomy, moody and rather obsessive album. Perhaps, the best thing you can do is to give in… at nighttime, with only a small light somewhere far away… trying to enter as much as you can into Lacrimosa’s dim, twisted, glum, obscure & compulsive music dominion…