Kee Marcello - Scaling Up

Kee Marcello Scaling Up cover
Kee Marcello
Scaling Up
Frontiers Music Srl
Kee Marcello would be familiar to most as the former guitarist in Europe as well as Easy Action, but fewer might know him for his solo work, including that lonesome K2 album and a further four this one inclusive. A more skilled player than the original and bluesier Europe axeman John Norum, Kee didn’t quite have such a smooth career after his exit from Europe. His albums are rather mixed up musically, with utter moments of brilliance and a more contemporary sound overall, but received little to no fanfare upon release.
“Scaling Up” is no different, with rock, blues, old and new, pretty much anything but neoclassical, which might disappoint the hardcore, guitar hero type of fans, despite, Kee still showing flairs of his talent and melodic ability particularly when he solos with great gusto.
There’s a ton of good tunes on here, from the groovy and catchy classic rock of “On the Radio” that’s got whiffs of Aerosmith about it, to the slightly more contemp adult rock of “Don’t Miss You Much”, the fiery “Wild Child”, the neat balladry of “Don’t Know How to Love No More” or the stompy closer “Blow By Blow”.
Is “Scaling Up” it the best album ever? Nah, but it measures up quite nicely when put up against Kee’s past and that’s no small task.