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Ghost Ship Octavius
Ghost Ship Octavius
Independent Release
Ghost Ship Octavius is a newcomer that was formed a few years ago by the well-known Matt Wicklund (God Forbid, Himsa, Warrel Dane) and Van Williams (Nevermore, Ashes of Ares) on guitars and drums respectively. After a while they found the young and gifted vocalist Adon Fanion and they started working on their debut album.
Ghost Ship Octavius’s sound is influenced by bands like Nevermore, Symphony X, Darkology, Vanden Plas, Control Denied & Communic among others. Were I to describe the band’s music style I would call it melodic prog metal with heavy/power, groovy, atmospheric, modern and dark elements… but music definitions do not matter at all as soon as you start listening to GSO. The guys have managed to craft a very powerful, intense, technical, heavy, melodic, contemporary, progressive yet personal sound, which will enthuse the fans of the 00s prog metal music. They have chosen not to add brutal vocals and that was a smart move since nowadays “brutal vocals” and “extreme screams” are way too trendy and are used by everyone just for the sake of it. The heavy riffs & the potent drumming will certainly make your head bang… but there’s more than that. The guitar solos are amazing as well as the vocals by the budding Adon. The bass guitar parts have been recorded by Dagna Silesia (The People Now) and the album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith at Envisage Audio in Seattle, WA. The production is full, heavy and powerful on the whole.
I’m still wondering why & how the “big labels” didn’t include this band in their roster right away. I bet every big label would kill to have released such a splendid album – instead of the mediocrities that they serve us all the time. Every track has its own character and the best way to experience this album is to listen to it from start to finish without any interruptions. Nonetheless, I’m tempted to refer to my 3 beloved tracks, “In Dreams”, “Mills of the Gods” and “Alive” which can delight even the most demanding metalhead out there. Do keep in mind that it’s not the famed musicians behind this band which make “Ghost Ship Octavius” a great album, but the quality of the music and the superb performances. It would have been exactly the same if the album’s music quality was that high and the band consisted of new unknown musicians. And please do not go along with the misconception that renowned musicians can more easily release great albums cuz history has shown exactly the opposite. “Ghost Ship Octavius” is a complete, notable and fascinating album, which will end up being in the lists with the best albums of 2015! Let’s hope that Ghost Ship Octavius are here to stay cuz they can easily be among the leading acts of the melodic heavy prog metal of the new era…