Almah - E.V.O

Almah EVO cover
Test Your Metal Records
It’s always nice to see qualitative bands coming back with a strong release and adding new elements to their music on the whole. This year is the 10th anniversary of Almah as a band, and they couldn’t have found a better way to celebrate than the release of probably their top album to date, the magnificent “E.V.O”.
At first, “E.V.O” keeps its power metal roots but musically this album is something far more than just another power metal album. Singer, multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Edu Falaschi has done a great job on this part as he embellished the actual heavy/power metal sound with modern, pop, atmospheric and melodic elements (along with a few symphonic touches) and the final outcome is truly amazing… way more wonderful than I can describe! For instance, “Speranza”, “Infatuated” and “Capital Punishment” showcase the band’s more melodic, poppy and contemporary side. These three tracks are very catchy and they should have some major airplay as they are “hits” according to the “music business term”.
“Age of Aquarius” is the longest track of the album; it starts with an atmospheric acoustic intro just to burst into a heavy/power metal track – one of the best tracks of the album for sure.
“Brotherhood” is an astonishing power ballad that will touch everyone.
“Innocence” is the track that I “discovered” after several listens, as it blends power metal with modern metal and it needs time to get into it.
On the other hand, “Higher” is the classic power metal track that every power metal fan will fancy – so simple!
“Please to Meet” follows the “classic” power metal path but it has a melodic/poppier refrain that’s quite catchy.
“Final Warning” is a power metal track with nice keys and a fine refrain.
“Indigo” is another power metal track, with a rather melodious refrain.
Finally, “Corporate War” is a modernized “power” metal track and my least favorite track on the album. Edu has given some of his best performances on this album. The way he sings is full of passion and emotion.
The production is full, powerful and clear. The album was produced by Edu himself, recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil at IMF studios by Tito Falaschi and it was mixed & mastered by Damien Rainaud (Fear Factory, Dragonforce, Baby Metal, etc.) at Mix Unlimited in Los Angeles, California. I should also mention that Almah has also two new members on board, the drummer, Pedro Tinello, and the guitarist, Diogo Mafra (Dynahead).
It’s more likely that “E.V.O” will satisfy all the fans of the band and it will bring some new ones over as well. This year Edu is celebrating his 10th anniversary with Almah as well as his 25th anniversary as a professional musician. He really came up with one of the top albums of his career and of course one of the best power metal albums for 2016… do check it out and see it for yourselves…