Red City Radio announces live streaming concert on June 23rd 2021

Red City Radio Live streaming show 2021 poster
Punk-rockers Red City Radio have announced an upcoming live stream concert. Performed at The Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO, the performance will air via Veeps on June 23rd, 2021, and will mark the first time that Red City Radio will be performing songs from their 2020 Pure Noise Records release “Paradise”.
“We know we’re late to table with the live stream, but being spread out over Oklahoma, California and Calgary - the logistics, along with travel restrictions, made it a bit more tricky. We really wanted to give our fans something special to show our appreciation for their continued support of our band during the Covid shut down. We put together a talented team, an incredible music venue and an immersive experience to make it worth the wait for the fans”, shares Ryan Donovan. “To say we’re excited about this is an understatement. We’re looking forward to the synergy of just being on a stage together and playing rock and roll again. It will also be the first time we're able to perform songs from our latest album "Paradise". Much love to all our fans of old, and new, and we’ll see you on June 23rd!”.
The livestream is being produced by Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer John Barnhardt and award-winning Aaron Pendergast, engineered by Felipe Patino (Greendoor Recordings), mixed by Mike Kennerty (All American Rejects) and mastered by Jason Livermore (The Blasting Room).
Tickets for are available today, here. Fans that attend the livestream will also have access to an exclusive limited run of merchandise.
“Paradise” was recorded at The Cereal Box in Edmond, OK with frequent collaborator Kennerty – who also produced and recorded the band’s 2018 “SkyTigers” EP – and mastered at the Blasting Room by Jason Livermore. Available to stream and purchase today via Pure Noise Records, “Paradise” is full of the same unstoppable, unfuckwithable disposition and the resilience that has flowed through music since the band started life in 2007.
While there is positivity within these songs, the bare-bones emotional charge that has always defined Red City Radio is still very present. Musically, too, the band continues to expand and evolve – while the Fest-style punk of their early years is still audible in the framework of their songs, this is a band that has vastly expanded its horizons. Listen to the heavy hearted opener “Where Does The Time Go?”, the desperation of the apocalyptic “100,000 Candles”, the yearning chorus of which asks ‘Why is the world on fire?’ – written before this year had even begun –  or the sample of spiritual teacher Ram Dass talking about the nature of decay, and how it’s both beautiful and horrible at the same time, at the start of “Love A Liar”, which encapsulates the philosophy and attitude that, now more than ever, continues to drive Red City Radio.
“What seems to have always been the underlying nature of the spirit of Red City Radio”, says Dale: “is to be intoxicatingly yourself. "Paradise" is a true expression of who we are as people and as a band. It’s a new beginning for the band, but also a continuance on spreading love and rock‘n’roll through music. I believe that this album has the best performances we’ve ever done and is the best quality-sounding album we’ve ever recorded. It was also just the funnest record to make. So really, this is the best Red City Radio album, and if you don’t agree with that, then fuck you!”.
“Paradise” is available to purchase and stream here.