Octarine Sky to release debut full-length album “Close to Nearby” on November 5th 2021

Octarine Sky Close to Nearby cover
Octarine Sky will release their debut full-length album “Close to Nearby” featuring legendary drummer, Simon Phillips, and master guitarists, Guthrie Govan and Amit Chatterjee, on November 5th, 2021!

The album features 8 tracks, 3 virtuosic instrumentals and 5 captivating vocal songs.

Octarine Sky will be available digitally, CD, and later this year on limited-edition vinyl with accompanying Art Book!

Pre-order “Close to Nearby” here.

1. One (Ginastera)
2. Rosewind (DPV + JCV)
3. Night Sky/Into the Dream (DPV + JCV, lyrics by DPV and Ronda Dubiel, feat. Guthrie Govan)
4. The Mask (DPV +JCV)
5. 5 (DPV + JCV, feat. Guthrie Govan)
6. Midnight (DPV + JCV, feat. Guthrie Govan, based on the poem by Edgar Allen Poe)
7. VII (Julia Schwartz, feat. Guthrie Govan)
8. Hold (DPV + JCV, lyrics by Ronda Dubiel and DPV, feat. Amit Chatterjee)

• All compositions arranged and produced by Jan Christiana
• Mixed by Simon Phillips
• Mastered by Jason Mariani

The new band, Octarine Sky, formed during the creation of the album, “Close to Nearby”, as the shared vision of pianist/keyboardist and vocalist Dyanne Potter Voegtlin, bassist and producer Jan Christiana, and drum legend Simon Phillips became apparent. “Close to Nearby” is indeed a true collaboration; the impact each musician’s artistry contributes to the overall sound cannot be overstated.

And the result? A wide-reaching sound that’s artistically adventurous, driving and forceful, yet at certain moments also haunting and vulnerable. “Close to Nearby” by Octarine Sky offers both instrumental virtuosity and beautiful, lush vocal harmonies. The rhythm section of Phillips and Christiana provide magnificent power and groove to Potter Voegtlin’s fiery piano/keyboards and soul-stirring vocals. Add to that the artistry of the two superlative guest guitarists, Guthrie Govan and Amit Chatterjee, and the outcome is the rich and riveting listening experience that is “Close to Nearby”.

From the first compelling note of the album-opening “One”, an arrangement of the first movement of the “Piano Sonata #1” by Alberto Ginastera, through the cinematic “Night Sky/Into the Dream”, featuring Guthrie Govan, the heavy fusion of “5”, to the atonal virtuosic masterpiece of “VII”, an arrangement for full band of a piano solo by Julia Schwartz, to the evocative and hopeful ending song, “Hold” featuring Amit Chatterjee, the album is ambitious in both its concept and sound. Octarine Sky’s debut album “Close to Nearby” is a vibrant and captivating sonorous adventure from beginning to end.

The beautiful Artwork for the album cover was created especially for this project by the master artist, Armand Cabrera.

Plans for Octarine Sky to perform live in 2022 are being discussed. “It will be a challenge and a pleasure to perform the music from "Close to Nearby"”, Simon, Jan, and Dyanne agree.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this album. Very challenging and ever so much fun”, comments Simon Phillips (drummer with Protocol, Toto, Hiromi, etc.)

Say Dyanne Potter Voegtlin and Jan Christiana: “The huge contribution of Simon’s playing to our music, together with the depth of his artistry and vision simply cannot be understated or exaggerated. He added a completely new dimension to each song. He is also down to earth, such a joy to work with!”...

“I was very happy to contribute to the record – it was a lot of fun!”, states Guthrie Govan (guitarist currently playing with The Aristocrats and Hans Zimmer).

Say Dyanne Potter Voegtlin and Jan Christiana: “There really is no one who plays guitar like Guthrie. He more than deserves his spot in the pantheon of the all-time greats!”...