Chrome Waves to release new album “The Cold Light of Despair” on November 8th 2019

Chrome Waves The Cold Light of Despair cover
Midwestern metal/post-metal outfit Chrome Waves presents “The Cold Light of Despair”, a collection of both new and previously released singles, covers, and more. The record will see release in November through guitarist Jeff Wilson’s independent label Disorder Recordings.
Following nearly five years of silence, Chrome Waves was revamped and relaunched in 2018 with a new lineup containing former members of Wolvhammer, Nachtmystium, Abigail Williams, Amiensus, and more. The band issued their long-awaited debut LP, “A Grief Observed”, on their own in early 2019, after which it was picked up by Avantgarde Music for vinyl and European release. The band has toured several times throughout the year with the likes of Tombs, Without Waves, Amiensus, and others, and several covers, singles, and more have seen digital release along the way. While Chrome Waves continues writing new material for the full-length follow-up to “A Grief Observed”, the band now amasses these tracks alongside several new recordings, presented as “The Cold Light of Despair”.
Featuring the previously-released single “Bound”, Slowdive cover “When the Sun Hits”, and Nirvana cover “Something in the Way”, “The Cold Light of Despair” also features the new original tracks “Spirits Descend” and “Slow Refrain”, as well as a cover of Nick Cave’s “Push the Sky Away”. In addition to Chrome Waves’ James Benson (guitar/vocals), Jeff Wilson (bass, guitar, synth, vocals), and Jon Siren (drums), “The Cold Light of Despair” features guest contributions of cello from Kakophonix, vocals from Kim Dylla, and bass from Daren Alan. All tracks were engineered by James Benson and Jeff Wilson, and all previously released material has been remixed and remastered by Wilson, who also handled the album’s cover photography and layout.
“The Cold Light of Despair” will see CD and digital release through Disorder Recordings on November 8th. Watch for preorders, audio premieres, live dates, and more to be issued in the coming weeks. Chrome Waves will record their second LP late this year for release in early 2020 and is working on split and collaborative titles with the likes of Gridfailure and others.
1. Bound
2. Spirits Descend
3. Slow Refrain
4. When the Sun Hits (Slowdive cover)
5. Push the Sky Away (Nick Cave cover)
6. Something in the Way (Nirvana cover)

Daren Alan - Bass
James Benson - Guitar, Vocal
Jeff Wilson - Bass, Guitar, Synth, Vocal
Jon Siren - Drums
Kakophonix - Cello
Kim Dylla - Vocals