Uli Jon Roth live in London 2018

The Ulu live was the actual placeholder for guitar aficionado Uli Jon Roth and his band for a prestigious intimate gig for ardent fans. Recently started touring the UK celebrating the 50th Anniversary since he first time appeared on stage with a guitar. This exceptional occasion brings up many almost forgotten songs from the past back in the Scorpions years followed by treasuries from Electric Sun albums until his latest songs.
Uli Jon Roth London Show 2018 poster
Supported by a young and hungry performer known as Kaleb McKane and his four piece band presented an excellent set with his brilliant bluesy solos definitely shacked up still waters and fired up the audience.
After a short change up we were ready to experience the night’s long awaited headliner.
The band members were already on the stage waiting, along with the audience, for the master to show up on stage. An applause tornado welcomed Uli Jon Roth on the stage; the man has a great reputation of masterworks. Those who were there the night were expecting special bits from the rock legend it turned out quickly by just taking a look at the queuing fans at the door. Uli dazzled the fans with his guitar-virtuoso plays right from the start. It was a magic experience seeing and hearing the dialogue between him and the instrument, which responded in glorious sounding to any of the masters fine hand plays.
“Good evening London. It is good to be here again”, referring to his previous play with the G3’s earlier in the year. A short introductory talk followed how he started playing 50 years ago the first time on stage being only 13.
“We are going to time travel on this show”. Starting with few Electric Sun songs, which haven’t been played since the eighties. “Electric Sun” started out as the first song of the first Electric Sun album back in 1979. Then “Icebraker” and “I’m a River” and the “time travelling” went on and on.
Many songs, that haven’t been played for a while, got on the list. Uli himself presented each of the songs with short commentaries just like in a good live documentary manner thus making the night unique.
Later in the night he brought out an old “six strings only” guitar which, turned out to be the first ever played by him and went along covering “Apache” from The Shadows coloring up the night also leaving a smile on the faces around with that classic melody.
After around 70 minutes we had a short break. Uli came back to the stage alone with an eight string guitar, and played a most intimate song less connected to rock but showing off his various interests in playing the instrument. The song is called “Passage to India”. Then the band members came back to stage bringing up the audience to old Scorpions songs.
There was a two-hour show and most of us didn’t even realize how quickly time went by, but it had to be stopped due to a curfew. “It sucks I know”, Uli said.
After the gig he still had the time to mingle with fans and give interviews acting along like he was a close friend. Thank you Uli for this great experience!

PS: Photos and gig review by Andras Paul.