Rising out of the ashes…

GR logoWe’re living in weird times. People are protesting, cuz they feel that their governments are pushing them to the edge with all these covid measures, and they have lost so many of their hard gained human rights… and none can say otherwise. If people are feeling that they are terrorized by the paid media from all over the world, then they have the right to do something against it instead of just standing and watching the show.
So, I guess Twisted Sister’s song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” – is more to the point than ever. Yeah and the rockers should know that this song (along with others) is not just a song to sing along and have fun… we should do as the song says as extreme circumstances require extreme measures… and when these measures are struggling the people, then all the people together should stand their ground and say with one voice “We’re Not Gonna Take It”! There’s no other way! The same goes for Sepultura’s “Refuse/Resist”… first we refuse their dirty offers and then we resist with all of our strength.
There’s no turning back to the so called “previous lives”… that’s a great lie and more and more people have started becoming aware of it. There’s only one way to go forward and not lose your humanity, your rights, your life and your soul in the end. People have one chance for the first time in their history to be united together against a truly “cruel elite” that’s sucking their blood each and every day.
So, what we should do many have asked before and now. I think the first thing is to “wake up finally”! Then to stand our ground and shout out loud “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and really believe that our time to unite and gain what’s ours is now … “It’s Now or Never” like Elvis used to sing. United We Stand & United We Fall… or else it’s every man for themselves and that’s not a good scenario at all.
PS1: This is gonna be a hot hot Summer…
PS2: I know it’s hot already but the new GR model Katie Alexis is gonna make things even hotter! Check out her interview and her photos here.
PS3: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the great guitarist Jeff LaBar (Cinderella), who passed away on July 14th, 2021, at the age of 58. Thank you for the music Jeff… R.I.P