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Neal Schon to release “Vortex” on June 23rd 2015

Mascot Label Group's Music Theories Recordings and Neal Schon have announced the release of “Vortex” on June 23rd, 2015. The 2-CD all-instrumental album utilizes rock as its foundation, while also embracing elements of jazz, classical and world music in an 18-track stunning, sonically explosive collection of original compositions.

The release is dedicated to Schon's best friend and wife, who serves as his true inspiration every day (Both “Lady M” and “Triumph of Love” were written for her, the latter of which he performed at their wedding on December 15, 2013).

Music Legend Demis Roussos dies at the age of 69

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that Demis Roussos – Artemios Ventouris Roussos – the legendary Greek pop/rock singer & musician with the great soft voice, has died aged 69. Demis was born in June 15th, 1946.

In 1967, Demis Roussos along with Vangelis Papathanassiou, Loukas Sideras and Anargyros “Silver” Koulouris, they formed the celebrated progressive group Aphrodite’s Child. Demis has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.


Hi K’noup. Your new album “Aria” is truly magnificent! Thus, it now holds a place in our “Gem” category! Congrats!
K: Thank you! It was quite the album to record.
Hence, what the story behind Viza? What does this band mean to you?
K: The band began as a project in 2000 when I lived in NY as a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern outfit of folk-music, it turned into a band in 2006 in Los Angeles. It’s safe to say it’s my baby now all grown up.

Viza - Aria

Viza continues its individual, artistic & imaginative musical journey that started half quarter years ago. Retaining their uncompromised yet successful & brilliant amalgam of different music elements such as rock, metal, acoustic, pop, melodic, atmospheric, alternative, rock & roll, punk, modern up to ethnic, folk, latin, oriental & world music… they have crafted a quite personal musical identity. Of course, that comical & loose side of theirs is present as always.

Erik Scott - And the Earth Bleeds on May 8th 2014

Much to the excitement of music aficionados worldwide, bassist/composer Erik Scott will be releasing his sophomore CD “And the Earth Bleeds” on May 8th, 2014. Best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Sonia Dada, and Flo & Eddie, Erik's newest release takes the listener on an aural voyage through ethereal and otherworldly musical landscapes. “And the Earth Bleeds” adds some vocals, gypsy violins, Celtic melodies, a dash of steel guitar, a wisp of French horns and other surprises to the soulful and mystic brew of his first 'solo' album, "Other Planets". And Erik continues to stretch convention with his melodic playing and bass-generated SFX.

Blackmore’s Night - Dancer and the Moon in June

Blackmore’s Night is releasing their brand new album, “Dancer and the Moon”, on June 11th in North America and June 14th in Europe on Frontiers Records. “Dancer and the Moon” will be released in 2 editions, as a CD and a digipak deluxe edition with a bonus DVD that includes music videos of “Dancer and the Moon” and of a “The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over The Sea)”, plus an extensive interview with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.

Badi Assad - Between Love & Luck on May 14th 2013

Badi Assad is one of the most innovative, passionate and talented artists of her generation and listed by Rolling Stone as a top guitarist from Brazil. She transcends traditional styles of her native Brazilian music with a mixture of pop, jazz and ethnic sounds from around the world. As a result, the singer, guitarist and songwriter is successfully forging an exhilarating genre of music that quite literally defies categorization. "Between Love and Luck" is her first CD of all original material and sung in both English and Portuguese. It also debuts QuatroVentos her new independent label and first U.S. Release in 6 years.

Sugarman - After the Blackout on March 12th 2013

Americana music artist Sugarman, will be releasing his second album "After The Blackout", a collection of well-crafted songs that reflects Noah Sugarman's heart and soul from his past and rumination. Sugarman's debut release on the Unison Music Label in 2009 "Art Of Starting A Fire" received rave reviews from fans and music critics alike. "After The Blackout" is scheduled for release on March 12, 2013 in the US and a heavy touring schedule will begin March 8th that will take Noah and his band throughout markets in the Mid-West, South, and parts of the Eastern territories of the US. A European tour is also in the works to coincide with the Euro release.

The Enid

Hi Joe… It’s great talking to you. “Invicta” is a piece of art indeed! We’ve put it in Grande Rock’s “Gems” category… Bravo!
J: That’s great news, thanks! I think it’s wonderful that the album’s been so well received, considering some of our fans were quite cynical about me joining The Enid.
Since you’re the newest member of the band, tell us how did you experience the whole situation? It’s a totally new experience for you, right?

Steve Hackett - Live on SAE “Meet the Professionals”

Steve Hackett, a master songwriter as well as being a supreme musician will be guest at SAE's renowned series "Meet the Professionals" on January, 23rd. The event will be broadcasted via Internet-stream and includes a special interactive part: Steve Hackett will be answering the question from his audience live! Check whether your local SAE Institute has enrolled in the event and join or watch it at home. The stream will start at 6pm (London Time). Don't miss Hackett's knowledge about 40 years of music production!