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Alice Cooper signs to earMusic and announces new album “Paranormal” - due out in late July 2017

earMusic, the global independent rock and contemporary music label of Edel Germany GmbH, is proud to announce the signing of Alice Cooper, the legendary American rock icon.

Alice joins earMusic’s growing roster of genre defining artists which includes Def Leppard, BABYMETAL, Status Quo, Marillion, Thunder, Tarja and Deacon Blue. Most recently earMusic have delivered the international #1 album “infinite” for Deep Purple smashing the band's 30 year old plus chart records worldwide.

Now earMusic prepares to launch a worldwide campaign to do the same for Alice Cooper through its well-established global network.

Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper

Our Dark Prince is finally back for good!!!! Not that he ever left us, but this time he is back to his 70s days, presenting his best album since “Welcome to My Nightmare” (well, let’s make an exception and say after “Trash”). I still remember Alice’s first gig I ever attended back in 1989 – a small kid without really knowing what a legend I had in front of my eyes. It’s no need to write about the unique contribution of this artist to theatrical rock. I can only say that I never expected from him to release such an album in 2003. Full of energy, power, a vagabond sense present throughout the CD.