The Best Rock Music Streaming Services

For some people, the experience of picking a vinyl record out of a collection, slowly sliding it out of its sleeve, placing it gently on the turntable and setting the arm is the ultimate music listening experience.

Many still believe vinyl records sound better than digital formats like MP3 since the sound isn’t compressed to make it fit on an MP3 player or phone, although FLAC format is supposedly lossless and solves many of the quality issues.

Chris Thompson - Berlin Live & Live at the Colos-Saal

Chris Thompson is an English vocalist/musicians that was raised in New Zealand and became mostly know through Manfred Mann’s Earthband when he succeeded Mick Rogers in 1976. Chris also released several solo albums, especially during the 80s and participated in other well-known musician works such as: Gary Moore, Elton John, John Parr, John Farnham, Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons, Bonnie Tyler, Steve Hackett & Steelhouse Lane among others.