Leprous - European & Japanese tour 2013 announced

Following the release of their acclaimed new album "Coal" via InsideOut Music, Norwegian Progsters LEPROUS are currently playing some summer festival shows (next up: India!) but also getting ready to embark on their so far most comprehensive tour this fall, which will be taking them through 24 European countries and also hit Japan.
Here is a list of all upcoming tourdates of LEPROUS.
LEPROUS - Festivals 2013:


Hi Amos… Second release for the band and you really took it one step further… Way to go dude!
A: Thanks man. Although not in any way difficult, quite the opposite in fact, it certainly was one of the most stressful records we’ve ever made. Simply because we felt like we had to live up to the expectations we created with our first record. And well both in public and behind the scenes it’s been a tough couple of years, so we’re really happy to have this bad boy out there working for us now!

TesseracT - Altered State

Being part of a contemporary music groovy prog metal path and having offered the fundamentals on its origin, TesseracT didn’t back out for a sec even if they had to change the voice of the group. Introducing us to their new vocalist Ashe O’Hara, the band avoided making a very common mistake that most of the bands do when they lose a member and especially the singer. They try to fill the gap with a similar singer, thing that isn’t wise. Alternatively, TesseracT decided to move on and they chose to do it their way with their own terms… and they’ve done right.

Soul of Steel - Journey to Infinity

My never-ending nightmare with (Italian) power metal bands never seems to calm down, not for a sec. What have I done to deserve such a thing?! One reader once asked why I reviewed a certain album if I’m not so much into this kind of music. Well dude, somebody gotta do the nasty job and it’s usually me. Do you think that I want to? Feel free to change places with me anytime!

Oddland - European live dates & new video online

Finland's ODDLAND has just launched a guitar play-through for the track "Lines Of Silver Blood".
The band comments: "We decided to do the guitar play-through on this song because it probably has some of the most technical guitar parts of the album. We figured people might be interested to see how they´re played. The live guitar tracks were recorded on top of the album version, and Ville (our drummer) was in charge of shooting and editing the whole thing. Have a look, won't you"!

The Green Violinist - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings out now

The Green Violinist start their debut album “More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings” dreamy, playfully, enchanting... From there, the music proceeds quietly flowing and full of wonderful harmonies. The songs will catch your attention. Vincent Defresne, leader and songwriter of the band, admits he was inspired by the painting by famous artist Marc Chagall 'The Green Violinist'. He managed to capture the spirit of the picture in an incredible way and to transfer it into music. The result is a wonderful collection of Neoprog-songs containing its fair share of acoustic moments (guitar, piano and violins). But the range goes further including electronic, almost trance-like songs that take you into another world.


Hi Andy… As you already know “Digital Lies” has been chosen as the Best Album of February on Grande Rock! Congrats dude!
A: A big honour! Thank you very much. It’s great to hear that you guys are enjoying the new music. Hopefully everyone who has the chance to hear our album will think the same.
New album after 3-4 years, with a new drummer this time. Tim Yatras left and Damian Costas has filled his position. Is he a Greek as well?