Divided Multitude - Divided Multitude

This Norwegian band’s sixth release (they’ve been at it since 1995 apparently) is an eponymous affair, usually a sign that the band has reached its artistic peak or at least hit a plateau that they think is high enough and an indication of a great set of songs. In the cases of some bands, eponymous albums (when not released as debuts) are truly sort of magnum opuses, while in some other cases it’s the desperate trump card, in order to try and get some attention… several albums into their career, the worst offenders are some people that also seem to do “both” creating confusion…

Divided Multitude announces the release of their upcoming self-titled album - due out in early December 2015

Divided Multitude started up back in 1995. After releasing two demos, "Stranded" and "Tale of Tomorrow", they signed with Sensory Records for the release of their debut-album "Inner Self". The album was released in 1999, and the band toured Norway and Denmark with the Swedish band Hollow.

Divided Multitude's second album, "Falling to Pieces", was released in 2002. This led the band into a festivaltour, and the band played numerous festivals, and the tour was high-lighted by the band playing Prog Power Europe.

Sarpedon - Anomic Nation

Sarpedon were formed back in 2005, by Torgeir P. Krokfjord (ex-Throne of Thor, ex-Vargariket), and they released two demos, one in 2006 and the second in 2008. They had been working on their debut all these years, when that was possible; they had been trying to do so by finding time between the members’ other responsibilities with several bands and projects. Torgeir’s brother Eirik P. Krokfjord is on vocals, Carl Engstrom (Attentat, Carpticon, Endezzma, Troll, Astaroth, ex-Moloch, etc.) and Andreas Wærholm (Unspoken, Astaroth) on bass.

Sarpedon to release “Anomic Nation” on December 5th 2014

Norway’s Sarpedon are finally poised to unleash themselves onto the metal scene, having been years in the making. A long-time project of guitarist Torgeir P. Krokfjord, the band have been working together for several years – and whilst all members have been pursuing other projects and careers throughout, the Sarpedon project has now finally come to fruition.

The Scintilla Project - The Hybrid

The Scintilla Project is an album that was developed as a tie in/based on a movie that carries the same name and is a collaboration between Saxon’s Biff Byford, Lionel Hicks and Anthony Ritchie both from Balance of Power on drums and bass, and with megaducer Andy Sneap, assuming guitar roles.

Noveria - Risen

It’s somewhat bizarre, that the whole rock metal scene as well as the “supposed” metal intelligentsia, that used to be in the “rock press” has either been hijacked by comparative amateurs that lack experience, in the first case and the same, in the latter or for the worse, people that are either clueless, or if they have a clue are malignant and ruthless and only care to make a quick buck, off the dying corpse of a “scene that their studies consider : “dying”.