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Throes Of Dawn to release new album “Our Voices Shall Remain” on August 20th 2016

Finnish Post Metal/Prog Rockers Throes Of Dawn announce the collaboration with renowned artist Costin Chioreanu (Ulver, Opeth, Arcturus among many others) for the graphic of their highly anticipated new album “Our Voices Shall Remain”, out on Argonauta Records on August 20th, 2016, in a luxury three panels packaging.

Pre-orders are running here.

01. Mesmerized
02. We Used to Speak in Colours
03. Lifelines
04. The Understanding
05. Our Voices Shall Remain

Sunpocrisy to release “Eyegasm, Hallelujah!” on November 1st 2015

Post-progressive metal band Sunpocrisy will release their highly anticipated record “Eyegasm, Hallelujah!” on November 1st, 2015 on CD and digital.

The album, an overwhelming, stellar and progressive post-mental eargasm, will be available soon in vinyl gatefold 2XLP together with Wooaaargh Records, Dullest Records, Shove Records and Drown Within Records.

Mono and The Ocean to release “Transcendental” Split EP on October 23rd 2015

Mono and The Ocean. Two bands from very different cultural origins, Japan and Germany, yet spiritually akin and connected by many similarities: a cinematic approach to music, based on lengthy, escalating compositions, the fact that both bands have existed for more than 15 years and released multiple albums since their inception; that they have toured many times around the globe, visiting off-the-beaten-track territories like Siberia, New Zealand, South East Asia and South America; and finally their shared passion for double albums, such as The Ocean’s “Heliocentric” / “Anthropocentric”, and Mono’s “The Last Dawn” / “Rays of Darkness”.

Inmost Ego - the End

This review is actually, one of those awkward situations, where you don’t know how to handle things, for fear of retaliation, through media, or by manipulation, because of the various ties of various people within a band with other people, within the scene.
Just because there’s this issue or possibility though, I cannot turn a blind eye and say that Inmost Ego’s “work really rocked my world”, just to be politically correct and to be good friends with people and for the sake of PR.

Night - Offerings

Night came into being in 2007 as Bobby’s (guitar & programming) drone/noise project and it is coming from the US. After a demo (2007) and two EPs (2008 & 2011) and the addition of two extra members, Matt Jackson (bass) & Zach Nace (guitar), they started working of what it was meant to be their debut album.
Blending various music styles such as: ambient, industrial, black metal, noise, atmospheric, doom, rock, metal… while retaining their post-rock contextual… they came up with a dark, obscure, instrumental outcome that will appeal to those who are fond of post-rock music that does not follow a specific recipe. Night have also added the personal “musical vibes” of their members.