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Shardborne to release “Living Bridges”on July 10th 2015

Irish instrumental prog metal masters, Shardborne are pleased to announce details of their upcoming full-length debut “Living Bridges” which is set to be unveiled on the 10th July 2015.
“Progressive metal drawing influence from many genres such as rock, metal, jazz, alternative and instrumental music... "Living Bridges" is a culmination of musical styles, concepts and several years of writing”, comments the band on the release and follow-up to their 2011 “Aeonian Sequence” EP.

The four-piece from Limerick, are also happy to announce that they have signed to independent Irish label Out On A Limb Records for the release.

The Advent Equation - Limitless Life Reflections

Were I to guess which country this band is coming from, arbitrating by its music style I would probably choose Europe and specifically Scandinavia. I was rather surprised when I found out that The Advent Equation are hailing from Mexico. They have been around since 2008 but they only released an EP on the same year, entitled “Sounds from Within”. Having worked more on their style and especially on combining various things from the music genres they love the most, the time has finally come to present their debut album worldwide.