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Fallen Arise and A New Tomorrow to support Fates Warning on European Tour 2017

Alpha Omega Management has a great pleasure to announce that two of its roster bands, A New Tomorrow and Fallen Arise, are confirmed as support acts for Fates Warning's “Theories of Flight Tour 2017” in Europe.

Fallen Arise will be the suport act from January 24th to February 1st, and A New Tomorrow from February 2nd to February 10th.

Check out the show details below. The tour sees on stage also Armored Dawn.

European Tour Dates 2017 (with Armored Dawn & Fallen Arise):
January 24 - Hamburg (GER) @Logo
January 25 - Cologne (GER) @Underground
January 27 - Essen (GER) @Turock

Fallen Arise announces new female singer Fiona Creaby

Athens based Symphonic Metallers Fallen Arise have parted ways with their singer, and announce the successor, Fiona Creaby.

The band stated:
“We would like to announce that Spyla is no longer with us, she decided to follow other activities and we wish her all the best! Our new singer is Fiona Creaby from the United Kingdom, singer also of Apparition”.

Fiona Creaby – Vocals
Gus – Keyboards
Rudy R. Rallis - Bass
Frangiskos K. - Guitar
Thanos – Drums
Vlassis K. - Male vocals

Fallen Arise announce new bass player Rudy R. Rallis and part ways with singer Chris

Fallen Arise have announced their new bass player Rudy R. Rallis. The band will also continue as a quintet, as they have parted ways with their singer Chris.

Fallen Arise released their sophomore full-lenght album “Adeline” in Ocotber 2015.

The band stated:

Fallen Arise

Hi Gus and welcome to Grande Rock. Since it’s the first time we talk, do give us a brief bio of the band. When did it all start and what happened in the meantime before releasing “Adeline”?
G: Well, we are Fallen Arise and we play symphonic metal. We started at 2010 and since then we released two LPs, “Ethereal” in 2013, our newest “Adeline”’ and an EP with five tracks in 2011.
Which are the differences between your debut “Ethereal” and your new album “Adeline”?

Fallen Arise - Adeline

The Greek symphonic metalers Fallen Arise return with their sophomore album titled “Adeline”, two years after their debut “Ethereal”. The band has also a new bassist, Aggelos Mal (Arkovlies, Daylight Misery), on its ranks. The lyrical concept on the new album is based on the works of fabled writers like Bram Stoker, Wilkie Collins and Anne Rice.