Hi K’noup. Your new album “Aria” is truly magnificent! Thus, it now holds a place in our “Gem” category! Congrats!
K: Thank you! It was quite the album to record.
Hence, what the story behind Viza? What does this band mean to you?
K: The band began as a project in 2000 when I lived in NY as a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern outfit of folk-music, it turned into a band in 2006 in Los Angeles. It’s safe to say it’s my baby now all grown up.

Viza - Aria

Viza continues its individual, artistic & imaginative musical journey that started half quarter years ago. Retaining their uncompromised yet successful & brilliant amalgam of different music elements such as rock, metal, acoustic, pop, melodic, atmospheric, alternative, rock & roll, punk, modern up to ethnic, folk, latin, oriental & world music… they have crafted a quite personal musical identity. Of course, that comical & loose side of theirs is present as always.

Erik Scott - And the Earth Bleeds on May 8th 2014

Much to the excitement of music aficionados worldwide, bassist/composer Erik Scott will be releasing his sophomore CD “And the Earth Bleeds” on May 8th, 2014. Best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Sonia Dada, and Flo & Eddie, Erik's newest release takes the listener on an aural voyage through ethereal and otherworldly musical landscapes. “And the Earth Bleeds” adds some vocals, gypsy violins, Celtic melodies, a dash of steel guitar, a wisp of French horns and other surprises to the soulful and mystic brew of his first 'solo' album, "Other Planets". And Erik continues to stretch convention with his melodic playing and bass-generated SFX.

Susan Clynes - Life Is...

Susan Clynes is a singer/pianist from Belgium which has studied Drama, Jazz Piano, Jazz Composition and Composition. In 2012 she got a Master’s Degree in Composition with the well-known Frank Nuyts. She has also composed music for shortfilms, theater & advertisements. Now, it felt right to release her debut album.