Vulture Industries

Hi Bjørnar & welcome on Grande Rock. In a way, I think that “The Tower” is your most complete work to date.
B: Thank you! I agree. I am proud of our other albums, but this I feel is closer to a profound expression of ourselves.
Is it something of a tradition or you just happen to release new albums every 3 years?
B: Three is the number of sides in the Bermuda triangle. By chance is also seems to be the amount of time we need to gather enough new impulses and inspiration to make a new album and record it.

Vulture Industries - The Tower

After a 3-year hiatus, the “odd” Norwegian quintet is back with their third, more critical & completed work to date. By eliminating their “extreme” elements to minimum and giving more space to their theatrical, avant-garde, atmospheric, dark, esoteric, progressive, symphonic, gothic, grotesque & carnival side, they came up with “The Tower” which has a very distinct yet melodic & intriguing sound.