Arjen Lucassen - first details the new solo album

Ayreon mastermind Arjen Lucassen is proud to announce that he was able to enlist the talents of legendary screen actor Rutger Hauer as the narrator on his forthcoming solo album. "This is a dream come true," says Arjen. "Rutger is not only one of my favorite actors, he also starred in my all-time favorite sci-fi movie, Blade Runner." Rutger also enjoyed the collaboration with Arjen, saying "it was marvelous work, very creative." 
You can see below Arjen and Rutger talking about their collaboration in a short video clip.
Rutger Hauer states:

Les Friction

Hi guys… “Les Friction” was a nice surprise to me… so Grande Rock tagged it as the Best Album of January…
N: Many thanks for that! We’re proud and honored. (i.n.: Ιt’s a pleasure listening to such great music…)
First of all, give us some bio info that is not included in your official site.

Les Friction - Les Friction

Les Friction took shape, when the music group E.S. Posthumus, which had given various music themes to movies & TV series such as: Minority Report, The Matrix Reloaded , The Time Machine, Avatar, Lost and Heroes among others, officially split up after the death of Franz Vonlichten, who had formed this project along with his brother Helmut. After a while, Helmut joined forces with Nihl Finch and the singer `Paint to complete the debut homonymous album.