Gemini Syndrome live at the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, Illinois 2021

I can’t say enough about how excited I am about live music being back! Now, walking into the Apollo in Belvidere, Illinois, was electric.
Gemini Syndrome Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, Illinois 2021 poster
Kicking off the night was Pushing Veronica, a punk rock band from California. Ever since they honored us into their family a couple of years ago, we couldn’t wait to see them get up on stage again. And tonight… our wishes were granted!! These boys opened the doors to a new generation of punk, which shows that, as it says on the hat that I wear proudly, “Punk Never Dies”…
They performed “Angsty,” “Young Love,” and “Reason to Cry”. My only complaint was that they didn’t have more fans at the show. Needless to say, they still hit it hard and loud! These guys have a great future... Always look forward guys!
Next up was a band out of New York called Ovtlier (pronounced “Outlier”). We had the chance to interview Joey Arena, which will follow this review. As he stated, “Everything has changed since the Youngblood days. It was a huge learning lesson for me, and I lost myself as a musician. I was playing for everyone else. And when Ovtlier started, I had a chance to be myself. Ovtlier makes me happy”.
Donning bulletproof vests, which illustrate their new single and video, “Bulletproof”. They blew away everything in sight as “Vice”, “Bulletproof” and “Buried Me Alive”, bombarded the night. You can feel the presence of energy as the night rolls. A band you shouldn’t miss live...
Now, A Killer’s Confession. When lead vocalist Waylon Reavis (formerly from Mushroomhead) wrote the track “A Killer’s Confession” he was offered a record deal immediately – and the band had to put together an entire album in just two months. Playing hits such as, “Numb”, “Trapped Inside” and “Angel on the Outside,” it was a story to tell, and fans knew what it was about. Read the lyrics, check out the music to find out. Waylon and the guys always bring it, and again, it was so great to see them again.
Everything goes dark, and the intro to Gemini Syndrome starts… Like a freight train! They came out first with their hit single, “IDK” and just kept beating the door down from there with “Die With Me”, a new single from the camp. To date, it’s got almost a million plays on Spotify and is definitely worth checking out. They also played, “Pleasure and Pain”, “Remember We Die” and “Stardust”.
And can we talk about stage presence? Almost everyone in the audience was singing back. And none of the members were short of energy, even to the point that photographers were scammering to get the one shot of each, before they moved again. Great show, a ton of energy, thank you guys!!!!
Listen in, and listen loud to these great musicians soon!