The Windmill - Tribus

I had been looking forward to The Windmill’s new album for some time now, but the years were passing by and nothing was happening. They finally released “Tribus” 5 years after the exceptional “The Continuation”, and they proved once more that it’s better to “speak” when you have something to say than do it with no reason.

Tusmørke to release new studio album “Fjernsyn i Farver” on May 4th 2018

Hot on the heels of their surprising children’s album, released on Karisma Records in late 2017, Norwegian Psychedelic Prog Folk Rockers Tusmørke are set to release “Fjernsyn i Farver”, their sixth full-length album, on May 4th, 2018.

Never having been a band that is afraid of anyone, or anything, even the extremely complex, and rather baffling theories of existence, Tusmørke are happy to tackle any subject matter they perceive to be significant, and are quite prepared to wrestle their musical way through ideas that they barely comprehend. Which brings us to the somewhat mind-blowing concept on which “Fjernsyn i Farver” is based.

Tusmørke to release new studio album “Bydyra” on November 10th 2017

The folks at Karisma Records have surprised everyone by, almost literally, pulling a rabbit out of their hat with the upcoming release from their new signing, Prog Folk Rockers Tusmørke, whose new album is very different indeed in both concept and guest artists.

Titled “Bydyra”, which translated means “Urban Wildlife”, this will be the fifth full-length album from the Norwegians. What is surprising about it is that this is the first album that Tusmørke have written specifically for, and performed with, children.


Myrath are back with their fourth release, “Legacy”, can you give us some details about its recordings and release?
EB: We recorded the album under a series of peculiar events and circumstances, yet the whole process was very rewarding. We have recorded with members of the Tunisian symphonic orchestra which was an enriching factor. In addition to that, due to the long period of anticipation before the release of “Legacy”, the excitement was overwhelming at every stage of making the album.

Messenger reveal “Threnodies” cover artwork & launch first track “Balearic Blue”

London-based progressive, psychedelic rockers Messenger recently signed to InsideOut Music for the release of their forthcoming second album “Threnodies” due on the 22nd April 2016, and now they are pleased to reveal “Balearic Blue”, the first track to be taken from the album. Listen to “Balearic Blue” below.

The beautiful artwork was designed by Daniel Correa Mejia.

Myrath to release new studio album “Legacy” on February 12th 2016

Myrath return with a new album of their special brand of “Oriental Metal”!

After many shows in many countries and over four long years since their last album, they're back with a new collection of great tracks simply titled “Legacy” being released on Nightmare / Sony/ RED to North America on February 12th, 2016.

Myrath is a Franco-Tunisian Rock/Metal band, yet in just a few years they've become a very enjoyed and respected band by the international Prog-Power community.

Their new album “Legacy” promises to rocket the band higher yet, with both European and North American tour plans and their most exciting album to date.

Myrath - Tales of the Sands

One might argue that this was an album released, last year and that presenting it now, might be untimely to say the least, but I will digress such notions, as I honestly believe that timeless and great music should not be bound to such lowly criteria and conventions.