Orphaned Land announces new side project Kna’an and Fall 2016 European Tour

Kna’an is a project that was born in the head of the Memmingen's Landestheater director - Walter Wayers. Wayers wrote a complete new play with his modern perspective about the familiar biblical story of Abraham in the land of Kna’an and was looking for someone to fit in writing the soundtrack and songs for this purpose. That's how a co-production between Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land) and Erez Yohanan (Amaseffer) was born.

Myrath to release new studio album “Legacy” on February 12th 2016

Myrath return with a new album of their special brand of “Oriental Metal”!

After many shows in many countries and over four long years since their last album, they're back with a new collection of great tracks simply titled “Legacy” being released on Nightmare / Sony/ RED to North America on February 12th, 2016.

Myrath is a Franco-Tunisian Rock/Metal band, yet in just a few years they've become a very enjoyed and respected band by the international Prog-Power community.

Their new album “Legacy” promises to rocket the band higher yet, with both European and North American tour plans and their most exciting album to date.

Orphaned Land announces European Unplugged Tour 2015

Orphaned Land, the leaders of Middle Eastern metal, are happy to announce their European Unplugged Tour 2015.

Singer and frontman Kobi Farhi comments: “Anyone who have seen already an unplugged show of Orphaned Land knows that it's an unforgettable experience. We are super excited to finally have our first ever acoustic tour accompanied by the Stimmgewalt male/female choir. It's always nice to strip our songs with different arrangements and we are eager to go back on the roads! I've waited a long time to take my "Jesus white dress" out of the closet and I guarantee it is going to be a holy musical experience, something to remember. See you all very soon!”

Aeonsgate to release “Pentalpha” on October 24th 2014

Aeonsgate is a doom project and it may become a cult. 
The first record called “Pentalpha” is a one hour long song that tells a sad, romantic and very heavy-doomy story of someone's first minutes of death. It was recorded at Inception Studios in different parts of the world (L.A., Stockholm, Barcelona...) and produced, mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson at SharkBite Studios (Oakland, Ca). The release is set for October 24th, 2014 through Germany's The Church Within Records.


Hi K’noup. Your new album “Aria” is truly magnificent! Thus, it now holds a place in our “Gem” category! Congrats!
K: Thank you! It was quite the album to record.
Hence, what the story behind Viza? What does this band mean to you?
K: The band began as a project in 2000 when I lived in NY as a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern outfit of folk-music, it turned into a band in 2006 in Los Angeles. It’s safe to say it’s my baby now all grown up.

Viza - Aria

Viza continues its individual, artistic & imaginative musical journey that started half quarter years ago. Retaining their uncompromised yet successful & brilliant amalgam of different music elements such as rock, metal, acoustic, pop, melodic, atmospheric, alternative, rock & roll, punk, modern up to ethnic, folk, latin, oriental & world music… they have crafted a quite personal musical identity. Of course, that comical & loose side of theirs is present as always.

Arkan - Sofia out on May 23rd 2014

French/North African act Arkan’s third album is entitled “Sofia” and will be released on May 23rd, 2014 (May 27th in North America).
Simultaneously with the premiere of opening track “Hayati”, the Oriental Metal band unveiled the cover artwork and track listing of “Sofia”. See details below.
01. Hayati
02. My Reverence
03. March of Sorrow
04. Leaving Us