The Foreshadowing - Seven Heads Ten Horns

Maybe I could be getting a little bit too saturated with listening to “gloomy” catatonic stuff lately, not by choice, but for review purposes, so these Italians’ fourth attempt didn’t quite “connect” with me immediately in the heart of the summer, but upon further inspection and further spins, I found myself quite enjoying quite a few tracks on the album musically… ie “Fall of Heroes”, “Two Horizons”, “17”, “Martyrdom”, as well as the five part “Nimrod”, which spans over 15 minutes.

Evergrey - The Storm Within

Evergrey has at this point been going on and “The Storm Within” marks their tenth effort… their dark, emotional prog driven music has been honed through the years as well as lost a bit of the edge, for better or worse, they have matured and graduated from a typical band to almost genre “heroes”, which goes to show that persistence pays its dividends.
Fairly good, but not entirely representative of the entire album, lead single “Distance” begins with some soft piano and proceeds to get very heavy only to wither during it’s more melodic portions, ie (chorus and solo). The children choir at the end is also an interesting touch.

Airbag - Disconnected

Airbag is a Norwegian (currently) quartet that has been going on for more than a decade now, worshiping in the altar of David Gilmour, to put it mildly, not the only pilgrims on that road, mind you, but ones that offer something truly on par and in good taste as the largely influential guitarist.
What’s good about them is that despite them taking the blueprint and directions from their love of Gilmour, they get lost and despite Porcupine Tree and H era Marillion, diversions, they always end up somewhere else (pun intended). They are on this album also very reminiscent of the transitional Anathema albums (ie “Judgement” etc.) both in sound as well as mostly in feel.

Amorphis announces “Eclipse” 10th Anniversary Tour 2016

Finnish masters of melancholic progressive metal, Amorphis, have announced a special “Eclipse” tour for this winter, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the legendary release. For this special occasion, the band will perform the album in its entirety, as they already did with “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” in 2014.

“A bit over ten years ago, we released one of the most remarkable Amorphis albums, "Eclipse". An album that started a whole new era in Amorphis' history and has put its mark to all of us”, states guitarist Esa Holopainen.

The Reticent to release new album “On the Eve of a Goodbye” on October 3rd 2016

Grammy nominated Christopher Hathcock returns with the fourth album by The Reticent.

Heaven & Hell Records is very pleased to announce the long-awaited release of The Reticent's new album “On the Eve of a Goodbye”. Produced by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Wretched, Scale The Summit)

This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and intense offering from The Reticent to date. An uncompromising autobiographical concept record, “On the Eve of a Goodbye” is certain to exceed all expectations boasting 73 minutes of stirring progressive metal that most be heard in it's entirity to grasp the full magnitude.  

Beseech - My Darkness, Darkness

From the title alone, you can half guess that this, the sixth album by this average Swedish sextet, the first since their reunion in 2012 after a six-year hiatus, is gonna be a gothic one, but after all they were always following that road, unlike many death metal bands that transform into gothic ones, several albums into their career. In their defense they have always pursued that sound, with just slight variations on the formula and the fact that they never quite found widespread acclaim and appeal has also preserved them from becoming a cookie cutter type of band like some that seem to have a rendezvous with the muse every couple of years so they can tour and fulfill a contractual obligation.

Katatonia announces Fall 2016 European Headlining Tour

Katatonia have announced they will be heading out on a headline tour after the summer to support the release of their new studio album “The Fall of Hearts”.

Founding Katatonia member Anders Nyström comments:
“This September, October and November a special autumn leaf shall swirl on through the European continent. With our new line-up and the new album taking on our true colours, we’ll be more than ready to take your hearts with us in the drop of fall. Our season is coming”.

Tickets on sale from 10:00 CET on Monday 25th April - Excluding Italy which will be on sale 10:00 CET on Tuesday 26th April.

Airbag to release new album “Disconnected” on June 10th 2016

Norwegian progressive rock act, Airbag, has announced its fourth studio album, “Disconnected”, to be released on June 10th, 2016 via Karisma Records.

A teaser video for “Disconnected”, the follow-up to the band's critically acclaimed 2013 release “The Greatest Show on Earth”, can be seen below.