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Tiles to release “Pretending 2 Run” on April 15th 2016

Detroit-based quartet, Tiles, has unveiled the first official trailer for their massive upcoming sixth album, “Pretending 2 Run”, including the first audio samples from the record, while the album has been locked for an updated street date of April 15th, 2016 worldwide.

With more than ninety-six minutes of relentlessly engaging progressive hard rock with an endless bag of tricks and countless epic surprises, Tiles’ “Pretending 2 Run” was produced by Terry Brown (Rush, Fates Warning) and features artwork by Hugh Syme, known for delivering covers for Iron Maiden, Rush, Dream Theater, and countless others.

Special Providence to release “Essence of Change” on March 30th 2015

The new album by Hungarian band Special Providence will be released by GEP on March 30th, 2015. “Essence of Change” is “an intriguing mix of prog, jazz-rock and metal”, a perfect blend of modern metal technique, cool jazz grooves and great prog melodies.

“Essence of Change” is available to order now from the GEP store at a special ‘pre-order’ price of £8.

Check out the video for “Northern Lights” and the trailer for the new album below.


Hi Damian… I‘m glad we’re given the chance to talk about your delightful new album…
D: Thank you.
Two years after “March of Progress” you’re back with “For the Journey”. What has happened during those two years? What was the driving force behind the new album?
D: We have toured. Got to know each other even better and enjoyed the process of putting the new album together.

Threshold - For the Journey

After the tragedy the band went through and the previous album that meant Damian’s return, Threshold strike back with their new release “For the Journey” only two years later. With the personal sound the band has created over the years and their immense riffy, progressive, atmospheric and melodic style, they present a tad gloomier side of theirs on this album.


Hi Carl. After a long time “Prison of Light” is a dream come true! The album is exceptional and very lyrical! We’ve added it to our “Gem” category! Kudos!
C: Thanks a lot, it is for sure a dream come true for us as well… (laughs…)
You started recording the album in 2000 and everything was finalized in 2006. Why did it take you so long?

Empyrios - Zion

Five years have elapsed since the band’s previous acclaimed work which gave the band the opportunity to become more known around the world. Assuredly, as Empyrios is more of a music project and its members are part of other bands as well, that long hiatus between albums wasn’t unjustified… probably a tad too much though.

Aeon Zen

Hi Rich… The third release is not only your best so far but it will also give a major worldwide push to the band. We’ve named it the Best Album of January! Way to go!
R: Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! It’s really rewarding and humbling to see the praise for our new album, especially after the mammoth task that was involved with creating it!
Firstly tell us, how did you decide to make Aeon Zen a “full band” instead of a solo project that it was till now?