Paul Gilbert - Vibrato out on October 15th

Music Theories Recordings, a division of Mascot Label Group, is pleased to announce the 15th October UK release of Paul Gilbert’s new and exciting 12th solo album “Vibrato”.
The album includes four new guitar and vocal compositionss, four instrumentals, plus three live cover songs from Gilbert’s 2010 “Fuzz” tour including Yes’ "Roundabout", Muddy Waters’ "I Want To Be Loved" and AC/DC’s "Go Down".

Orden Ogan - To the End artwork unveiled

When Germany's epic melodic metallers ORDEN OGAN will release their new album "To The End" on October 26th, two of the featured songs will be quite familiar for the fans, because the band decided to re-record "Angels War" and "Mystic Symphony" (both part of their live set for many years but never released on an official album).
Vocalist/guitarist Seeb Levermann explains:

Affector - Harmagedon

Affector came to life, as a project between Collin Leijenaar a guy who serves as Neal Morse’s touring drummer and a guy called Daniel Fries, that was some sort of biz associate of his, or something of the sort, that introduced CL, to some material he was working on and suggested a possible collaboration. Michael Le Pond, the bassist of Symphony X joined soon after and the final piece of the puzzle was placed when Enchant’s Ted Leonard who now also seems to be “Spock’s Beard” vocalist was chosen to handle the lyrical and phonetic duties.

The Fallacy

Hey Angeline, Marco & Niko…Great work! Since it’s the first time we talk, please give a small hint of your band to the readers…
We’re a gothic band… we have 3 albums and started this project back in 2008.
So, what’s the story behind The Fallacy? Did it start as a project that turned out to be a band… or you set off as a band that was completed as long as Angeline came onboard, right after Viviana left the band?

Saga - 20/20

Yes, there had been a bit of turbulence before “20/20” came out… but let’s say it was a natural one and everything turned out to be for the best. Saga had released their first CD with Rob Moratti (The Human Condition) in 2009 and they toured both Europe and Canada when suddenly, on January 28, 2011 an official statement came out announcing Michael Sadler’s return as their lead singer! Shock number one, followed by the declaration of Mike Thorne replacing Brian Doerner and becoming their new drummer.

The Michael Des Barres Band - Carnaby Street

Well Michael Des Barres is, without any doubt, a very famous guy. I’m sure that most of you are aware of his work in music & acting generally since the late 60s. He’s mostly known for playing the Murdoc role on the TV show MacGyver and for replacing the late Robert Palmer in Power Station, fronting the band in the 1985 Live Aid concert. He formed the bands Silverhead & Detective in the 70s as well. Anyhow, his career is far too long to be mentioned in a CD review so let’s better focus on his new work.