De La Cruz - Street Level out in late March

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of DE LA CRUZ's debut full length album "Street Level" on March 22nd in Europe and March 26th in North America.
Hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia, DE LA CRUZ are easily one of the most promising Arena Hard Rock bands to come out of underground scene. They came to the attention of the fans when Geoff Barton of Classic Rock Magazine described their sound: “like a Pomptastic, Hyper-active Leppard”! in his review of the band’s self financed EP.

Dogs N’ Bones - In Your Face

Founded back in 2004, these Italian rockers released their third full-length album in an 8-year time period. Mixing hard rock elements from the 80s, 90s & 00s along with a bunch of sleaze/glam & rock & roll features, they get you right into the game from the very first song.

Crashdïet - The Savage Playground in January

Swedish metal sensation CRASHDIET return with their fourth album "The Savage Playground" out in January on Frontiers. The lead single “Cocaine Cowboys” is out 12th of December.
Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of CRASHDIET’s anticipated new studio album “The Savage Playground” on January 25th in Europe (excl. Scandinavia) and January 22nd in North America.

Seventh Veil signs with Street Symphonies

Hard rockers Seventh Veil inked a deal with Street Symphonies to publish their debut album “White Trash Attitude”. The band will enter the Atomic Stuff Studios (Isorella, Brescia, Italy) in December to start the recording sessions for the album.
Right before summer 2012, Seventh Veil released a 3-tracks EP called "Nasty Skin", getting some excellent reviews by press and critics and good feedback by the audience.

Audioporn - Jezebel's Kiss

The interestingly named, Audio Porn, project, is a band that features two former members of Jezebel’s Kiss (hence the album title) - singer Arziel St Michael and drummer Byron Black Jeff as well as Jeff Westlake from the not really hot, at any time Hydrogyn, that people, were trying to convince us that were going to be the next big thing, just because they had a nice looking singer back in the day when they released their debut, but didn’t go too far after some albums.

YoungBlood - debut album out on October 9th

Indianapolis natives YOUNGBLOOD finally release their amazing debut album “NO RETREAT” this October, through Eonian Records.
Featuring guitarist and producer Jeff Diehl, who has worked with such legends and luminaries as Gene Simmons, Sweet FA, Ma Kelly, Night Ranger, Kramus, Eddie Kramer and many more. YOUNGBLOOD also toured extensively as Epic Records recording artist Henry Lee Summers’ backing band.

Cyanide 4 - Every Day Is A Masquerade

Cyanide 4, started a few years ago and played the bars around Athens, Greece (not Georgia) gathering a small but considerable following of underage groupies. They released a promo and a couple of demos that showed both a bit of promise as well as a flair and love for the neo-Scandi glam and some 4 years later, they are having their debut released by Perris records.
Unfortunately, for them they seem to have rested on some early positive reviews and thus, the final product suffers. Their vocalist struggles, for the most part and even though his vocals have been processed to be tonally correct, they are both accented and lacking in the attitude department. For the most part I felt that the guy was singing while someone was choking him, really.