Asking Alexandria - From Death to Destiny

It is to wonder how a few, truly untalented guys with no songwriting skills whatsoever can make money out of the music industry while other gifted artists stay underground for all of their life. I bet we all know that life ain’t fair but this thing with all those metalcore/gay/wannabe extreme/melodious (or gaycore as I’d like to call ‘em) bands has gone over the top. How long will adolescents, who can be manipulated more easily by the major labels and all the internet ads etc., affect the music map and give shitty bands popularity and wealth?!

Bullet for my Valentine - Temper Temper

I never understood why this band became so huge, in numbers of course, in such as short notice. This kinda of nu metal, metal-gay-core, alternative, modern, pissed off, gay-gressive music is not only devoid of quality but generally it has nothing to offer. Anyhow, the teenagers thought it was good and embraced it, so the band sold more than well.