XaDu - Random Abstract

XaDu is a new music project between the gifted drummer Xavi Reija and the skilled guitarist Dusan Jeftovic. Those two guys have also cooperated in the past in Xavi’s solo album “Resolution” in 2014. That album gave the two musicians the chance to get to know each other and continue working under their own moniker called XaDu (a combination of their names, first 2 syllables).

Ligro - Dictionary 3

Almost three years after “Dictionary 2”, Ligro, the Indonesian “crazy” trio, is back with “Dictionary 3”. I have presented the band on the previous album review so anyone interested in their story shall check the “Dictionary 2” review.

Dewa Budjana

Hi Dewa, it’s nice talking to you after all this time. Congrats on your new album “Hasta Karma”… it’s really magnificent.
D: Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity, the pleasure is all mine. It is an honor to be interviewed by someone from Greece.
First of all, tell us... why do you choose to record each new album with new musicians every time? Does it have to do with the exploration of your musical boundaries or new musicians always renew you as songwriter and music player?

Scott Henderson - Vibe Station

Scott Henderson is guitar virtuoso who needs no further introduction. He’s best known for his work with Tribal Tech in the early 80s. Scott is an extremely gifted guitarist who is mostly appreciated by other musicians and especially guitarists, that cannot reach his style so they just admire him.

Dewa Budjana - Hasta Karma

I’ve become a fan of Dewa Budjana as soon as I listened to “Joged Kahyangan” and reviewed it. From that very moment, I follow Dewa on each music step he takes and still I’m amazed by his creativity, his talent and his artistic musical approach. I do know that this ain’t an “easy to digest music”, so I can understand those people who cannot go further into it.

simakDialog - Live at Orion

If you check Grande Rock from time to time then you’ll surely come across some very artistic, technical and “odd” bands from MoonJune records. I presented simakDialog’s previous studio album “The 6th Story” in 2013. Now after the 2013 tour, this Indonesian band decided to release its first live album.

Burnt Belief

Hi Jon… you’re back with a new album entitled “Etymology” after 2 years. What’s the story behind it?

Burnt Belief - Etymology

“Etymology” is the second release of this project between the renowned bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and guitarist/composer Jon Durant. The debut album entitled “Burnt Belief” was released in 2012. Now Burnt Belief is more or less the official name of this project.


Hi Dani… since it’s the first time that we talk, please tell us a few words about Marbin…
D: First I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Marbin has been doing great! I’m in the van right now as I’m writing you. We are playing in Paducah KY tonight and opened for Allan Holdsworth’s trio (Haslip and Husband) for the last couple of nights in Chicago. We’ve been touring a lot and are getting ready to record our fifth album in November.

Marbin - The Third Set

Being on the road is not as easy as it seems. Let alone having played more than 1000 (!) live shows in the last 4 years as Marbin has done! Can you even imagine that?! Hence, a live album was inevitable. The band gathered various live recordings from different places and days of the last couple of years and put them on this album. The album was recorded and mixed by Caleb Willitz and mastered by Brian Schwab. Not having known that this was a live album and not having paid attention to the applause at the end of each track, I could hardly believe that this is an “actually live album”. The sound is remarkably strong & full.