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Drescher to release new studio album “Steinfeld” on November 18th 2016

Drescher have already won over critics and fans alike with their highly acclaimed Thrash metal debut “Erntezeit”.
Now “Steinfeld” is the next big thing coming out of Austria. “Steinfeld” means “field of stones”, but is it as heavy as it sounds? Oh yes, it is! This is something really extraordinary.

Ushering in a new kind of music, a new style and a new experience Drescher’s music provides its listener with authentic Austrian metal in both language and sound. As long as they’ve been cranking their amplifiers, Drescher has produced genuine tunes driven by the music within.


Drescher signs with Napalm Records

One of Austria’s finest Folk Thrash bands Drescher has signed a deal with Napalm Records!
Drescher are already widely known for creating something really extraordinary. A new kind of music, a new style, a new experience: Folk music in its most original way, real and honest. In-your-face lyrics recounting real life’s tales with good old Metal chords from the 90’s. Yes, it works & it fits so well that it becomes one at this slightly prophetic and programmatic band Drescher. Their critically acclaimed debut album “Erntezeit” was the start for the huge success of this remarkable Austrian band & they now join forces with Napalm Records!

The Erkonauts signs with Kaotoxin

Switzerland's The Erkonauts just signed a multi-album deal with Kaotoxin. Founded in 2014 by ex-Sybreed, Djizoes and 7-tone members, The Erkonauts are one of the most dynamic and hardworking bands out of Switzerland today. The band will be in the studio in August recording new tracks for its Kaotoxin debut, which is targeted for release during the second half of 2016.

The Erkonauts play a high octane style of their very own. The band strives to pack kick-ass modern power, execution and production with subtle vintage tones and a musical taste that encompasses genres as diverse as Progressive Metal, Fusion, Rock, Thrash Metal, Crossover Metal, Punk, Power Metal, and Alternative Metal.