Aerosmith - Music From Another Dimension

Aerosmith are caught between a rock and a hard place. They’ve been there, done that. Twice or maybe even three times, in their long and storied career, soooooo the question that begs an answer is where the funk does one go from there ?  Well back to square number one! Back to the start!
The band, went back to their old producer Jack Douglas and kicked out all the outside writers in an effort to re-establish themselves as a valid songwritting partnership and as a proper band in order to rejuvenate themselves and recapture their mojo... did it work?! I’d dare say - Yay!

Midas Touch - Presage Of Disaster reissue out in November

Unlike San Francisco, New York City and Germany, Sweden was never quite the hotbed for thrash activity in the '80s, but there was one band that made plenty of “Noise” with their first demo tape, "Ground Zero". The self-released cassette from Uppsala’s MIDAS TOUCH rapidly made its way through trading circles and as such attracted attention from a prominent German metal label Noise Records. The label that counted acts like Helloween, Vendetta and Coroner on their storied roster, eventually signed Midas Touch on the strength of their demo.

Youngblood - No Retreat

Well, here’s another example of how good hard rockin’ 80s music was left out of the game and never saw the light of day due to label’s issues or the plague called grunge music.
Youngblood’s debut album was supposed to have been released in 1989… the band had written and recorded about 45 songs back in the day and the label (Sony) approved 16 out of them. The other songs were kept in reserve for future releases. Unfortunately, this album never came out… till now!

Helstar - XXX - 30 Years Of HEL

Helstar, were always one of America’s better straightforward power metal bands and did release a bunch of pretty seminal albums through much of the 80s, narrowly missing the goal of worldwide domination. Still many of them albums they released back then are considered cult classics today.
Now, much of the 90s was spent in hibernation, with only one album being released, with line-up changes and with the band actually breaking up and it took them some 10 years to find the road back into the studio while in the meantime, the members tried to re-establish their friendship and chemistry. Fortunately it all worked out, and the band returned, stronger than ever releasing a string of worthy albums that added to their 80s legacy.

Snakecharmer signs with Frontiers records

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of British Hard Rock supergroup SNAKECHARMER. Formed by original Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray, along with Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash, Tina Turner), Harry James (Thunder, Magnum), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne) and Chris Ousey (Heartland). 
Neil Murray commented: “We're very excited that Snakecharmer has joined the Frontiers Records family, which includes many of the world's finest rock bands, and we can't wait to get out on tour in 2013 to promote our forthcoming album”!

YoungBlood - debut album out on October 9th

Indianapolis natives YOUNGBLOOD finally release their amazing debut album “NO RETREAT” this October, through Eonian Records.
Featuring guitarist and producer Jeff Diehl, who has worked with such legends and luminaries as Gene Simmons, Sweet FA, Ma Kelly, Night Ranger, Kramus, Eddie Kramer and many more. YOUNGBLOOD also toured extensively as Epic Records recording artist Henry Lee Summers’ backing band.

Roq Royale - Roq Royale

Here we have a release that’s been through fire and ice so as to see the light of day… after almost 20 years! Why’s that? Well, label’s policy, interests and various weird backgrounds are enough to leave an album on the shelf for decades.

Cyanide 4 - Every Day Is A Masquerade

Cyanide 4, started a few years ago and played the bars around Athens, Greece (not Georgia) gathering a small but considerable following of underage groupies. They released a promo and a couple of demos that showed both a bit of promise as well as a flair and love for the neo-Scandi glam and some 4 years later, they are having their debut released by Perris records.
Unfortunately, for them they seem to have rested on some early positive reviews and thus, the final product suffers. Their vocalist struggles, for the most part and even though his vocals have been processed to be tonally correct, they are both accented and lacking in the attitude department. For the most part I felt that the guy was singing while someone was choking him, really.